-- Bikaner, a Nice City --

  By : Harsh Bagla  [on Thu, 17-Mar-2011]    Destination : Bikaner
The Junagarh fort was built by Raja Rai Singh Rathore around 1588 AD. Bikaner is indeed a fascinating city with its monuments, temples, havelis and multi-hued markets. Bikaner lies to the north of Rajasthan and the desert also has sand dunes. Bikaner has still maintained its ethnicity. The city has an old age charm, which it can boast about. Camels are an inseparable part of the city of Bikaner, as again it has maintained it medieval charm. Camels are used not only for transportation, but also for working on wells. The wells are built on high platforms and have minarets at all the 4 corners and can be seen even from a distance. The Karni mata temple has a shrine of Karni mata as goddess Durga. There are bowls of corn meal and milk placed at various locations in the temple, which are meant for the holy rats in the temple. The devotees add bread and bananas to these bowls and the rats seem to like the bananas. There are several holes made in the walls of the temple, where the rats can stay. The floor of the Karin mata temple is chequered and black and white in colour. If a rat runs across you are feet, it is believed to be lucky. Also if you spot a white mouse, it is considered to be lucky. If you have some of the cornmeal offered in bowls to the rats, it is considered to be a blessing.
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