-- Truly Beautiful Bikaner --

  By : Naveen Sarda  [on Fri, 18-Mar-2011]    Destination : Bikaner
The Gajner palace has jharokas and magnificent lattice work. The palace is built with Rajput architecture on the outside and with British architecture on the inside. Outside the Gajner palace is a lake and we get to spot many blackbucks and chinkaras at the lake side. The Gajner palace also has a Dargah of a pir and it is believed that if we tie a dhaga in this Dargah and pray sincerely, then our prayers get answered. There is a fair in the Dargah, once in a year and the fair is held in September. Many people offer a chadar in the Dargah during the fair. The Junagarh fort, situated in Bikaner, is a wonderful fort and as we enter the fort, it keeps getting better. There is a palace inside the Junagarh fort and the palace is quite big. There are many rooms in the palace. There is a throne room, an airplane and many weapons on display in the palace. I spent around an hour in the fort, but you can easily spend some hours in this fort. The fort is well preserved. There in a museum in the Junagarh fort. The museum is not all that great, but the admission fee of the museum is less. The museum opens 1 hour prior to the rest of the fort, so it is a good way to start the day. The more you explore Bikaner, the better it will get. So go ahead and enjoy the city to the fullest.
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