-- Bikaner - Of Namkeens, Fort and Palaces. --

  By : Deepak Mehta  [on Mon, 07-Mar-2011]    Destination : Bikaner
The prime attraction of the city of Bikaner is the Junagarh Fort. It has beautifully carved pavilion, palaces and courtyards. Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal and Badal Mahal are amongst the few of the best palaces in this fort. I loved the carving and the way the fort has been maintained by the Government of Rajasthan. Actually, I love the Rajput architecture very much because it has a very royal and aesthetic touch. And all the palaces and forts built around Rajasthan have excellent architecture and they are worth a visit once in your life time. The Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner is also a good spot to visit. It is entirely built in red sand stone and has a blend of Rajput, European as well as Mughal architecture. Now it has been partially converted into a heritage hotel. To have a royal feel you can book a room here and enjoy. Attached to this palace is a library where you can find old Sanskrit manuscripts. Laxmi Nivas palace, just like the Lalgarh palace is built in red sandstone. It is also turned in to a heritage hotel and boasts of great architectural style. Being a part of Rajashthan this place also boasts of palaces and a fort and has rich heritage and history. Anyone who loves to explore places of historical importance must visit Bikaner. Also you get extremely tasty sweets and namkeen here. Not worth a miss guys! Taking lots of photographs and eating tasty food and ultimately sleeping in a comforting hotel room bed is all that I did in Bikaner. It is a great destination. :)
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