-- Bikaner, an Interesting City --

  By : Vijay Pawar  [on Wed, 16-Mar-2011]    Destination : Bikaner
There is a rat temple in Bikaner which is one of a kind. Bikaner is also very famous for the namkeen that we get there. All the bhujiyawalas can be found on the KEM road. Ghewar is a Rajasthani dish, which you ought to taste while in Bikaner. There is also a camel breeding farm in Bikaner. The restaurants near the railway station offer very good food. Some of the lodging and boarding hotels in hotels in Bikaner have restaurants and the food we get there is also very good. Some of the places which should not be missed when in Bikaner are the Junagarh fort and camel research centre. The Lalgarh fort is not all that good. You can also shop at the KEM road, which is near the railway station. During you visit to Bikaner, you may allot some time to visit the Gajner palace. There are good roads from various places to Bikaner. Bikaner is 500 kilometres away from Delhi, by road. Let me also tell you how many kilometres away Bikaner is, by road, from some more places. Bikaner is 300 kilometres away from Jaipur, 240 kilometres away from Jaislamer and 231 kilometres away from Pushkar. If you are going from Jaisalmer to Bikaner, I would suggest that you should travel during day time as you will get to see a lot of animals and birds on the way. You will spot deers, peacocks and neel gai.
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