-- Chittaurgarh - A Royal Town --

  By : Neha Kabra  [on Mon, 07-Mar-2011]    Destination : Chittaurgarh
There are forts and palaces in most of Rajasthan and I really enjoyed visiting Rajasthan since I love to see historical monuments. The town of Chittaurgarh is a unique town. It is a fortified settlement and is situated on a hilltop. The view from the hilltop is really interesting and photogenic. I had seen a lot about the history of this town in a popular T.V serial and so I was keen to visit it. First on my list was the Chittaurgarh Fort. I had appointed a tour guide so that I could know more about the place. He kept on filling me with interesting facts about the fort and I came to know that it was built in 7th century by some Maurya king and that the fort had been through many wars and seizure attempts. Chittaurgarh was one of the main places from where the Mewar kingdom expanded. Also that the famous Saint Mira Bai stayed here for a while. She is known for her worship of Krishna. The most interesting part of the fort was the Rani Padmini Palace. I tried hard to imagine how the queen known for her incomparable beauty must have looked. Rana Kumbha’s palace was also equally attractive and grand. It took almost two and half hours to look around the fort. But I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the fort. I also saw the Kalika Mata temple, Vijaya Stambha and the Kirti Stambha. Chitaurgarh was an interesting town to visit.
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