-- The Old Civilization of Dha --

  By : Meera Kashyap  [on Tue, 08-Mar-2011]    Destination : Dah
I am a student of history and I have always been interested in visiting places that would offer me the excitement of seeing from up close something that has lived for many a century. When I was in Ladakh with my husband and our two year old daughter, I came to know about Dha and Hanu villages near the Batalik region of Jammu and Kashmir. I could not resist the temptation to visit his destination and convinced my husband to reduce one of our days in Leh and go visit Dha and Hanu. The small settlement that we visited is very peculiar and interesting. After a long drive of nearly five hours from Leh, we pulled up at a random point on the road. The driver told us that he would stay in the car and look after it while we visited the village. We took a stairway that went up from that point. At first I was a little scared to enter a new region, that of the tribal people, with my daughter. But soon we met a local boy who appeared to be shy but friendly. He showed us to the inner part of the village. Here we met another old lady who let us take her pictures and then made a sign asking for money in return. She was quite happy with the small amount we paid her. We roamed around and saw the old houses here. Here there is a restaurant where we drank the local salted tea that we were told to try by our travel agent in Leh. However, we ate our packed food and only bought some cold beverages from the restaurant. This restaurant is made up of nothing but a few plastic chairs and tables and in the hot atmosphere was a little uncomfortable, especially for my daughter. Further, we had a chance of meeting some more local people, who were quite talkative and told us about their customs. This, I believe was the best point of our visit and it satisfied me that I made the long journey up here. I believe to get a real feel of this place one would have to stay here, and be the one who really likes old civilizations. Due to the pressing time, however I could not do it, but I will surely come here the next time with a plan to spend the night, hopefully with one of the locals and eat the food from their home.
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