-- Gwalior, the Historical City --

  By : Deepak Shahane  [on Tue, 29-Mar-2011]    Destination : Gwalior
You can plan a weekend trip to visit Gwalior fort. The Gwalior fort is close from the railway station in Gwalior and is located on a hill in the centre of the city. Once in the Gwalior fort, you can visit places and temples. The temples are both Hindu as well as Sikh temples. In the past, the Gwalior fort was praised by the Mughal emperor Babar. Thus, you can imagine the beauty of this fort. The fort also has a place from where the Rani of Jhansi took her last leap while battling with the British. The British were ruling India and the Rani of Jhansi died while battling them. Close to the Gwalior fort, there is a religious place for the Sikhs, call ‘Data bandi chor’. This monument is a gurudwara. Jains also visit Gwalior fort, because it has 20 feet tall statues of Lord Mahavir and other Jain Masters. Gwalior is the birth place of Tansen. There is a tomb of Tansen in Gwalior, as it was his wish to be buried there. Gwalior also has a replica of Konark Sun temple. This temple is built in Gwalior by the Birlas. There is a Gujari museum in Gwalior, where exhibiutions of the international level are held. Sculptures are displayed in this museum. Gwalior also has the Scindia museum. This museum belongs to the Scindias who were the rulers of Gwalior in the past.
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