-- Gwalior, a Memorable City --

  By : Tanya Gupta  [on Tue, 29-Mar-2011]    Destination : Gwalior
I had heard a lot about the Raja Mansingh fort in Gwalior, so when I reached Gwalior, I decided to visit this fort. I had gone to Gwalior with my friends. Raja Mansingh fort can be reached by rickshaw form different places in Gwalior. As we started exploring the Raja Mansingh fort, we realized that it will take us 12 hours to explore the whole fort. The architecture of the fort is truly magnificent and the ancient technology used in the fort is mind blowing. When we reached the top most point in the Raja Mansingh fort, we got an aerial view of Gwalior city. The fort is built with an excellent plan, as the fort has underground jails, water reservoirs and temples. The Raja Mansingh fort will offer an encyclopaedia of knowledge to civil engineers and architects, because of its studied design. There are many restaurants in Gwalior, which offer delicious and inexpensive food. The city offers various delicacies, so food lovers can have a good time here. You should not forget to taste gajak, which is a famous delicacy of Gwalior. There are amusement parks and water parks, where people can enjoy. These water parks and amusement parks are also an attraction for children. Gwalior is well connected by train to most of the major railway stations in India. Gwalior is also connected by road to many cities in India.
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