-- Gwalior, my Favourite City --

  By : Abhijeet Sahni  [on Tue, 29-Mar-2011]    Destination : Gwalior
The Jai vilas palace and Scindia museum are excellent places in Gwalior and should not be missed. Both, the Jai vilas palace and Scindia museum were built by prisoners in the year 1874. These two places are built lavishly. Belgian cut glass has been used in the extravagant rooms of the Jai vilas palace and Scindia museum. These places also have huge chandeliers made from venician glass. A silver train is also present here. The silver train is as long as a never ending dining table and it contains, brandy, whiskey, cocktails and gin. The Saas bahu temples are mother in law and daughter in law temples. These temples have a display of a few statues, so when we go there we feel that we are in an outdoor museum. The Saas bahu temples were built form 9th century to 11thn century. These temples are dedicated to lord Vishnu. Some of the temples have been restored to their original form and as lot of work has gone into this. On the western side of the fortress, there are some ancient Jain carvings. These carvings have been made in the face of the rock and date back to the 15th century. The carvings in the rock show the Jain teachers, called tirthankars. These sculptures are nude, because the Jain tirthankars are nude even in real life.
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