-- My Quick Visit To Haldighati --

  By : Apurva Pathak [on Mon, 24-Jan-2011]    Destination : Haldighati
Haldighati is a land of the braves. Deriving its name from the yellow coloured sand resembling haldi or turmeric, Haldighati is a famous battlefield and a pass in the Aravali mountains. It is Haldighati where the great warrior of Mewar Maharana Pratap Singh and his devoted horse Chetak became immortal in the pages of history. The story of the bravado of Maharana Pratap Singh’s horse Chetak is very interesting. The war of Haldighati took place in 1576. Maharana Pratap Singh, the king of Mewar faught against the huge Mughal army to defend his empire. During the fierce war, Maharana’s beloved horse Chetak’s hind leg got seriously injured. As the war progressed, Maharana’s general Man Singh, who was also his look alike forced him to leave the battlefield. In the general’s view Maharana’s life was far more important for Mewar. The injured horse Chetak ferried his master miles away from the battlefield while being followed by enemy horses. He took a giant leap over a river to transport his master to a safe region which the enemy horses dared not. But the leap had caused severe damage, the horse took breathed his last on Maharana’s lap, saving his life. Such was the devotion of the animal to his master. The memorial of Maharana Pratap at Haldighati displays huge bronze statues of Maharana and Chetak. An exhibition depicting significant incident of Maharana Pratap’s life with impressive statues, voice overs and sound effects is entertaining. A quick trip to Haldighati will be refreshing while you are on your way to Kumbhalgarh.
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