-- Haldighati --

  By : Kirit Gupta  [on Mon, 02-May-2011]    Destination : Haldighati

We were in Udaipur for a business conference for five days and after watching some of the local sites decided to see the nearby places one afternoon. The plan was to go to Kumbhalgarh but due to a delayed start we had to restrict it to either Haldighati or Rajsamand Lake. We decided to visit Haldighati Museum as we had had an interesting conversation about Maharana Pratap and his stories yesterday.

This museum looks like a fort from outside, but upon entering you realize that it's just a fortified wall from the outside. The museum in itself is very nice. Particularly the scenes depicted from Maharana Pratap's life in form of animatronics are very attractive. Our guide passionately told us the story of Maharana Pratap and explained about his life with help of a specially constructed large map of Haldighati with the landmarks visible. Among all the other museums in Rajasthan, this one is definitely different and sheds more light on the royalty than the others. The story of Chetak has been told through several ways here and is very moving. The statue of Chetak and Maharana Pratap outside the museum is very nice.

Outside the museum you get food, which may not be the best tasting but the simplicity of it was appreciated by our group after spending last three days in the hotel. The ambiance around is not bad. The only thing that I thought could be better here is the service and the menu.

All in all, it is not a bad idea to visit Haldighati if you are interested in history and like to hear stories of war and passion.

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