-- Under the Starry Sky of Jaisalmer Desert --

  By : Rohit Chawla  [on Wed, 16-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jaisalmer Desert
After an overnight bus journey we finally arrived at Jaisalmer from Aurangabad. We (I and my brother) had had a terrible night, our bus had broken down and we had to change the buses in the middle of the night, it was really tiring. Finally after an hour after changing the bus, all of us settled down. We had booked tickets for a sleeper bus, but since we had changed the buses we had got seats instead of sleepers, it was a really bad start for our Rajasthan visit. We reached Jaisalmer and as soon as we got down the bus, we were surrounded by numerous touts who were offering to take us to different hotels for accommodation. But since we had already booked rooms in a hotel, we did not budge. The hotel owner surprised us by sending a car to pick us up, finally something good was happening. It is always good to book rooms in advance, the hotels in Jaisalmer are good and the food is also delicious. Immediately after we checked in we booked a one night and two days camel safari through the hotel. We had to start for the safari next day. Next day at 8 am we were picked by a jeep that drove up through the town, across luxury hotels, empty villages and then we reached our destination, the desert. We were dropped in the middle of the huge desert next to our guide and two camels. We spent most of the morning walking through the sand dunes, we had our lunch there. The lunch was made by our guide. We then slept for a while, later resumed our journey, collecting firewood as we went. The sunset we say there was amazing and the sky was the most beautiful sky I had ever seen in my life. There were a lot of stars in the sky and surreal silence around. Thankfully we had taken our sleeping bags, the guide had just provided us with two blanket, that too the ones that we had used with the camels. As we had come to Jaisalmer just for the sake of a camel safari, after the two days we started for our way back to Aurangabad. It was an exhausting safari.
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