-- Golden Jaisalmer --

  By : Bina Mutha† [on Mon, 14-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jaisalmer Desert
There are various shops on Sonar killa, where you can indulge in shopping, but let me warn you that all these shops are very expensive. The reason behind these shops being expensive is that Jaisalmer is a tourist destination. You need to bargain a lot to get a good deal. The main purpose of your visit to Jaisalmer should be sightseeing. The Patwon ki haveli is also a good place. There are 5 havelis here and 3 of these havelis are owned by a private party and the other 2 are owned by the state government. The private party has converted the havelis into a museum and the state government has also converted 1 haveli into a museum. The state government charges, Rs. 10 for a visit to the museum and the private party charges RS. 50 for a visit to the museum, but it is worth spending Rs. 50 for the visit. Our next stop was the Nathmalji ki haveli, but it gets kind of monotonous to visit this havelis after visiting the Patwon ki havelis, as these 2 havelis are similar. The Rajaji ki haveli has been built in a different manner and a part of this haveli has been converted into a hotel. There are arabian horses, who wander around the grounds of this haveli, and itís more fun to watch these horses, than watching the haveli and the museum. My next visit was to the Gadisar lake, which is a relaxing place, as we can go for a boat ride and feed the catfish.
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