-- Jaisalmer, a Paradise --

  By : Nikhil Agrawal† [on Mon, 14-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jaisalmer Desert
The Gadisar lake is a small and beautiful lake located in Jaisalmer. This lake should be visited by people who arenít shopaholics, as this lake gives us a respite from the busy markets. I didnít find time to visit the museums in the premises of the lake, but I will definitely make time for it in my next trip. Next day we visited Badabagh, which has monuments of the kings of Jasialmer. This place is not well-maintained, so one can skip this place without any regret. We also visited Lodurva and Amarsagar, which are jain temples. You cannot enjoy these temples unless you have any religious inclination. The following day, we visited the Sam sand dunes and we had taken a package of desert safari, cultural program and dinner. The sand dunes near the Khuri village are also spectacular. There are cultural programs held in the desert at night. Women and men dressed in traditional rajasthani outfits perform beautiful folk dances and play folk music in the backdrop of the huge Thar desert. The experience is inexplicable. Let me tell you everything about the desert experience. After tea time, we set out on our desert experience in the Khuri sand dunes. We could accommodate 2 adults and 1 child on camel back and the ride was fun as we had never ridden a camel till then. The camel moved up and down on the gorgeous sand dunes, with the sunset in the background. After the camel safari, we sat on the sands and the children rolled on the desert sand for a long time.
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