-- Jaislamer, a Wonderful Experience --

  By : Puja Ajmera† [on Tue, 15-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jaisalmer Desert
Let me tell you something about the Sam sand dunes. I had been to Jaisalmer with my college friends and when we took the camel safari, we went further inside the desert, but even then, all we could see is vast stretches of sand, sand dunes and no plants, but again, this vast desert is the real beauty of the camel safari. At least where my camel operator took me, there was hardly any vegetation there. The rajasthani folk dancers and musicians started the cultural programme in the Sam sand dunes after dusk and it was a wonderful experience. As I had gone to Jaisalmer with my friends, our trip was a budgeted trip. So there was no one in the group who could boost the morale of the rajasthani folk dancers and musicians, by giving them money, as the cultural programme progressed. Thus the dancers and musicians didnít really entertain us, as we had expected them to do. We also had dinner after the cultural programme. The food was average, but in spite of all this, I would recommend Jaisalmer to any tourist, as it is a very good experience. I also visited the Khuri sand dunes with my friends, and as we had learned from our experience in the Sam sand dunes, we didnít repeat the same mistakes here. We paid handsome tips to the Rajasthani folk dancers and musicians and thus they preformed really well and we enjoyed the cultural programme to the fullest. The cultural program was held around a bon fire.
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