-- Jaisalmer, an Ancient Place --

  By : Neha Jain† [on Tue, 15-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jaisalmer Desert
There are many good and decent hotels in Jaisalmer. I had gone to Jaisalmer with my cousins and we checked into a hotel and enjoyed our breakfast, lunch and dinner there. As Jaisalmer is a small place you can go touring in the morning, return to the hotel in the afternoon and then again go out in the evening. One should not miss the bhontua laddu, which is the speciality of Jaisalmer. This is a sweet and can be found in the main market of Jaisalmer. The main attractions of Jaisalmer are the Patwon ki havelis and Sam sand dunes. Jaisalmer is a small place, so there is not much to do there except for the camel safari in the Sam sand dunes and the boating in the Gadisar lake. I would advise you to take a registered guide while visiting the Jaisalmer fort and the havelis, because without a guide the tourist places would look incomplete. We also went to the Khuri sand dunes and had a great time there. We had dinner by the camp fire and soon it was time to retire to bed. We stayed the night in the tents and the tents were very comfortable. Spending the night in the desert was an extraordinary experience. When we got up in the morning, it was fun to see the sunrise in the desert and just observe the sky change colors. My cousins and I drove down from Delhi to Jaisalmer, via Jodhpur and we enjoyed each otherís company.
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