-- Jodhpur, a Magnificient City --

  By : Geeta Rampal† [on Fri, 04-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jodhpur
A tourist guide is a must for any person going to Jodhpur, as it is a place which is a major tourist destination for not only Indian tourists, but also foreign tourists. I would suggest a tourist guide because there are too many places which one would like to visit in Jodhpur. Whether an Indian or a foreigner, one need not worry about anything wrong happening to them, while on tour because the people of Jodhpur are warm and affable. The Jodhpuri people realize that the tourists who visit the city give them a means of livelihood and also generate a lot of revenue for the Indian government. Jodhpur lies at the edge of the Thar Desert. I had heard that Jodhpur can be really hot during days, the reason why it is also called the Sun City. However, during winters, when I went there, the weather and the temperature was just perfect for spending an enjoyable day outside. I reached Jodhpur at 9am and spent the major part of the day lazing around in the hotel. At around 3pm, I felt like stepping out of the hotel. I had read about the camel safari in my tourist guide. I asked the hotel staff about the camel safari and they suggested that it was good. The camel safari is not the only option one can go in for in the majestic Thar Desert. The jeep safari is also a major attraction. I went in for the jeep safari, and although it didnít make me go up and down, like when on a camel, it was a lot of fun. As the day came to an end, it presented us with a golden sunset that looked gorgeous, giving the jeep safari a wonderful climax.
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