-- Jodhpur, a Marvellous City --

  By : Aahana [on Fri, 04-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jodhpur
I had always heard that Jodhpur is a shopper’s paradise, but it was only after I reached there that I realized how true it is. Once I entered the shopping lanes and by-lanes in Jodhpur, I went crazy shopping for the different items there. It indeed is maddening. Another major attraction about Jodhpur is the majestic Meherangarh fort. As Jodhpur enjoys an extreme weather, it is advisable to go about the city in the early mornings, during summers. As I visited Jodhpur during summers, I set out of the hotel in the early morning. I took a rickshaw from my hotel to the Meherangarh fort. After reaching there I paid for an audio guide device, which is a machine used instead of a registered guide. I bought the audio guide device at the entrance of the fort. The Meherangarh fort is still under control of the previous rulers of Jodhpur and since it is under private control, it is in very good shape. The shopping experience is frenzied. Being a shopaholic, I realized a lot of things about shopping in Jodhpur. The shops on the main road have expensive items. It is in the by-lanes that we get articles at a low price. The various articles present in these shops are handicrafts, jewelery, antiques, traditional Rajasthani bed covers, bed sheets and pillow covers. The best thing about the shopping experience in the by-lanes is that we get small number of articles at wholesale prices. So just let your hair down and enjoy the wonderful experience that is Jodhpur.
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