-- Jodhpur - A Royal City --

  By : Naman Shaw  [on Tue, 08-Mar-2011]    Destination : Jodhpur
I had much of an incident onm y first day in Jodhpur. I was walking through a crowded lane when I almost ran into a cow! Yes indeed I ran into a cow. When I moved to the left of the road she moved to the right, to dodge her I moved left she moved right. In the end she was too close to me and almost head butted me in the stomach when a guy from around came over and shooed her away from me. It was a funny start. Really it was! I was on my way to the Meherangarh Fort, the heart of the city of Jodhpur. When I looked at the fort I could see how powerful it was. It looked at the entire city with its imposing eyes and pumped the city into life daily. Yes, the Jodhpur city lives and breathes around the Meherangarh fort. I took so many photos of the fort but did not feel satisfied. It was just so attractive. The fort has many palaces, museums and galleries enclosed into itself that help you to understand its history and look at the beautiful past that it has lived through. You are likely to notice the weird looking auto rickshwas in Jodhpur. They have piggish look. Very funny looking rickshwas! Also the parts of the houses of the ity that face the fort are painted in blue. So this city is called as the blue city. I also visited the Umaid Bhavan Palace. It is a very nice palace. But unfortunately you are not allowed to visit most of the parts of the palace. It is made of sandstone. It is now converted into a heritage hotel and has as many as 343 rooms. Another must visit part of Jodhpur is the Jaswant Thada. It is the royal cremation ground. It looks like a temple and is made entirely of marble. It was built in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh by his son Sardar Singh. There is lake and beautiful garden here that you must visit. Jodhpur is a great tourist destination.
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