-- A Good Day at Kumbhalgarh --

  By : Vishal Saxena [on Tue, 08-Mar-2011]    Destination : Kumbhalgarh
Kumbhalgarh is not very far from Udaipur. Apart from a majestic fort by the name of Kumbhalgarh fort this place also has a wildlife sanctuary. The main attraction of Kumbhalgarh is the Kumbhalgarh Fort. It has many gardens and palaces. When I first saw the wall that surrounds this fort I was compelled to call it ‘the great wall of India’ through my mind’s voice. The fort is still in a good condition thanks to the yesteryear ways of defensive fortification. The fort can be called an inaccessible fort in Rajasthan in a true sense. The view from the fort is exhilarating since it includes wild scenery of the desert of Mewar and the Aravali ranges. Literally the height of the fort is 1914 meters above the sea level. This must have been a great advantage for the fort and its security. My guide filled me in with information about Rana Kumbha who built this fort. The man must have a great and powerful ruler. He is believed to have designed 32 fortresses that defended Mewar from external dominance and conquests. The fort was only once won by the combined forces of Akbar, King Mansingh of Amber and King Udaisingh of Marwar. This was the fort where Maharana Pratap was born, the room where he was born is octagonal. Since my time restricted me from visiting the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary I had to satisfy myself just by a visit to this majestic fort. I was confused, whether the town got its name from this fort or this fort got its name from the town, and I smiled to myself.
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