-- Memorable Day at the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary --

  By : Suraj Mishra† [on Tue, 08-Mar-2011]    Destination : Kumbhalgarh
I am a wildlife lover and hence I chose a destination close to my hometown that would help me explore wildlife to my heartís content. Though not very well known, the wildlife sanctuary at Kumbhalgarh is a good option for wildlife lovers like me. The Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary stretches a good 586 square kilometers in terms of area. During the monsoons, the Aravalis turn green and offer a decent shelter to animals like sloth bears, leopards, deer and antelopes. If you are interested in some bird watching, you must visit Kumbhalgarh during the winters. You can spot some beautiful migratory birds like Flamingos, Spoonbills and Egrets. For those who do not know, I would like to tell that you can also see wild crocodiles here. They are scientifically bred here and can be seen in the lake within the sanctuary. They are a great attraction amongst tourists. The best season to visit this sanctuary is from March to May and September to November. I also suggest that if you have good time to spare you can visit Ranakpur. It is hardly 50 kilometers from Kumbhalgarh and it is famous for the Jain temples. Here there is a temple that is dedicated to Tirthankar Adinath. It is called as the Chaumukha temple. Also there is a Suun temple of the 6th century nearby. It has intricate carvings of warriors, horses and deities driving royal chariots. A well planned visit to Kumbhalgarh en route from Udaipur can be engaging and enjoyable.
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