-- My Kumbhalgarh Trip with Friends --

  By : Dev Patel  [on Wed, 09-Mar-2011]    Destination : Kumbhalgarh
I was in Kumbhalgarh for over two days and three nights, on a planned trip along with 2 of my friends. We had booked a great hotel there and everything was perfect. since we did not have much time in our hands, we decided to chalk out a proper plan to visit the city. The most prominent attraction of Kumbhalgarh is the Kumbhalgarh Fort so we preferred seeing the fort first. the morning we reached Kumbhalgarh we freshened up and were enthusiastic to about visiting the fort. The Kumbhalgarh fort is surrounded by the Aravali hill ranges and the view of the hills was superb. The fort literally looks inaccessible. The wall that circumvents the fort is known to be the second largest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China. The fort was built by Rana Kumbha and after seeing the inside of the fort I felt immense respect for him. There are many palaces and gardens inside the fort, the interior is attractive and beautiful. The fort is situated at an appalling height of 1914 meters above the sea level. I and my friends had great deal of fun exploring the fort, we were happy to come to a place where we got a spectacular view of the Aravali ranges. Later that afternoon we called it a day and went back to our hotel. Next on the agenda was the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. I do not like sanctuaries much, but my friends did, so I went along. We saw many animals there and the ambiance of the sanctuary was wild and close to nature. It was a tiring day and as we returned back, we passed out in our beds, not knowing when sleep conquered us. Kumbhalgarh is a good tourist place and it is worth visiting.
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