-- Orchha, a Royal City --

  By : Dilip Gotmare† [on Fri, 01-Apr-2011]    Destination : Orchha
The Rani Mahal is Orchha gives you a spectacular view of the whole city. The view from the Rani Mahal also gives a view of the distant Betwa River. The Raja Mahal is another monument in Orchha. The Raja Mahal has 2 magnificent courtyards. The courtyards were built because of the ancient Indian concept of the mandapas. Another important feature inside the Raja Mahal is the Diwan-e-Khas. The Diwan-e-Khas is known for its wonderful designs. The Jahangir Mahal in Orchha is a magnificent piece of architecture, built by the Bundela kingdom. The Jahangir Mahal is so beautiful that when you visit it once, you will feel like going back there again. Orchha is a trade hub. Even in the past, Orchha was a busy trading place. This continuous trade that took place in the city gave rise to a new sect of people, called the merchants. The merchants were very rich. They were also very influential among the ruling kings. The merchants in Orchha built palatial houses there. This was possible because the merchants were very wealthy. The houses of the merchants were replicas of the palaces in the city. The merchantís houses were not as big as the palaces of the kings and queens. The houses of the merchants in Orchha are called havelis. Dauji-ki-haveli is an example of these havelis. The Dauji-ki-haveli is a very well preserved haveli and has thus maintained its charm. This havelis looks like a miniature replica of a royal palace.
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