-- Orccha, A Worth Visiting Place --

  By : Namit Patel  [on Mon, 02-May-2011]    Destination : Orchha
Located 18 kilometers away from Jhansi in the northern Madhya Pradesh is a small town Orccha. This place has really great history. I had landed at Jhansi after a train travel from Gwalior and had plans to see Orccha and ultimately move towards Khajuraho. Orccha is really small village with a population of approximately 9000 people; it is tiny settlement if compared to other tourist places in India. When I took a look at its appearance I found it had a studded skyline, one with palaces and temples. A little bit of google searching had told me that this place was founded by Rajput Bundela dynasty in the 16th century. And that is why it had this royal kind of an impression on my mind. Palaces such as the Raja Mahal and the Jahangir Mahal were built way back in the 16th century. The Chaturbhuj temple is also very attractive. the Bundela's Orchha rule which lasted for 450 years. Orchha, today, is a popular tourist destination because of its history and architecture but is not as touristy or as popular as Khajuraho which means that it keeps its small village charm. I loved Orchha because of this and because it was quiet and peaceful. En route to Khajuraho from Jhansi you can visit this place, you will not be disappointed, it is worth a visit if you have a little spare time.
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