-- Udaipur- a Cool City --

  By : Swanand Deshpande† [on Mon, 07-Mar-2011]    Destination : Udaipur
As I am a resident of Jaipur, reaching Uadipur was not very difficult for me. I took a train from Jaipur to Udaipur. Being from a tourist place, I was pretty sure that the people will try and make more money out of me, so I had consulted a lot of friends, who had already been to Udaipur, so that I donít get fooled when I reach there. One thing I realized about the city of Udaipur, when I visited it, was that the weather is much more pleasant than it is in the rest of Rajasthan, although I would advise everyone to stay indoors from 11am to 5pm. Considering this, you will get an idea how the weather is, in the rest of Rajasthan. All the lakes lend pleasantness to the weather of Udaipur. Except for sightseeing, there is not much to do in Udaipur, but I guess, that is all one wants to do in a tourist place. When I visited Udaipur, I realized that there is a lot of climbing of steps we have to do in Udaipur. Moreover, the old part of the city is built on a slope, so even the simplest of walks is an uphill climb. I would thus suggest everyone to wear a good pair of walking shoes, while in Udaipur. I was quite impressed by the kind of research the foreigners do before visiting any place, as all the foreign tourists I saw in Udaipur, were wearing comfortable walking shoes.
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