-- Udaipur, a Historic City --

  By : Vishal Kapoor  [on Mon, 07-Mar-2011]    Destination : Udaipur
My trip to Udaipur was an unforgettable experience, as God has decided to endow the city with a lot of beauty. One of the most attractive monuments in Udaipur is the City palace. As this palace is big, we require about 1.5 hours while touring the whole place. I would suggest that you take a registered guide when you visit the City palace. The Monsoon palace is a beautiful palace, as it provides a great view of the sunset, as it is situated 3000 sq. feet above sea level. Another place which is a must-visit destination is the Fateh sagar lake. The lake is blue in colour and has green patches in between and all this can be viewed from the Nehru park. We can hire a boat for 9 people for Rs.300 or hire a seat in a boat for Rs.80 per seat, for a boat ride in the Fateh sagar lake. The major advantage of this boat ride is that, it waits for us as we visit the Nehru park, which lies in the middle of the lake. The Nehru park is a delightful garden. Other than waiting outside the Nehru Park, the boat takes us around the lake for 45 minutes. Udaipur is a unique city, in its own right. The monuments, people and the culture are from a different world. The rajasthani food that we get here is delicious. The food made from the rajasthani spices, gives us a once in a lifetime, lovely food experience.
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