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Part 2 – India Gate and Nearby Places

Amongst the most prominent and highly visited landmarks of Delhi is India Gate. This massive structure was also designed by Lutyens. It was built in 1931 to commemorate the Indian soldiers who died in World War 1. The names of the soldiers who fell in the war have been inscribed on the structure and can be read. An undying flame burns here in honor of these soldiers.


India Gate is an important landmark in Delhi and attracts a lot of crowd during evenings. As much as the tourists visit this place, the locals also crowd in here to spend a pleasant evening with friends and family. After the dusk, lights come up to illuminate India Gate in an attractive manner. Even during the day, India Gate makes a captivating site standing at the end of the wide road named Rajpath.


Rashtrapati Bhavan, formerly the residence of the British viceroy and today the residence of the President of India, is a massive and attractive building of British style at the end of Rajpath. It is such a large building that after independence, Gandhiji had suggested that this huge structure be converted into a hospital. It has 340 rooms and an impressive garden which in the month of February is open to all. Viceroy’s House, as Rashtrapati Bhavan was previously called, was designed and adorned by Lutyens with a special purpose of imposing the significance of the British lord who lived there. Accompanying the Rashtrapati Bhavan are the grand buildings of Central Secretariat, which give the complete area a stately feel. Another important structure in this area is that of Sansad Bhavan. This gigantic, circular building is the place to meet for the Indian Parliament.


In the vicinity, National Museum is one of the highly visited places by the tourists. The museum exhibits a heritage of more than five thousand years old and of Indian as well as foreign origin. The collection of statues, jewelry from historic as well as prehistoric period, paintings from the Mughal era, weapons from several ages, ancient and historical coins and several other assorted antiquities here is astonishing and can keep one engaged for three to four hours. There are also informative sections here such as the one displaying models of Indian Naval ships.


Another museum nearby that one should visit is Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts where one can gaze at important and historical manuscripts and various articles of art.

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