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The Great Heritage of Deccan [Day 8]
Route Distance Time
Hyderabad - Bijapur 404 km 12 Hrs
Bijapur - Badami 200 km 4 Hrs
Badami - Hospet 190 km 4 Hrs
Hospet - Hassan 355 km 7 Hrs
Hassan - Mysore 115 km 3 Hrs
Mysore- Bangalore 139 km 3 Hrs

Day 8 – Hussan - Mysore

Early, next morning you drive to Mysore (115 Km/ 3 Hours). As you reach there you are escorted to the hotel.

After you freshen up, you move out to explore the cultural city of Karnataka, Mysore. Mysore, the second largest city in Karnataka is situated at the base of Chamundi Hills. It is famous for the Dussehra festival celebrations, a time during which thousands of people throng the city.

According to the Hindu mythology, Mysore was ruled by Mahishasura. He was a demon who was later killed by Goddess Chamundeshwari. The area where Mysore stands today was known as Puragere until the 15th century. A fort was constructed by Chamaraja Wodeyar III in the year 1524.


Mysore Palace

The Mysore Palace is the fourth of its kind to be built on the same site. After Tipu Sultan’s death the capital was shifted from Srirangapatnam to Mysore, the Palace was built in haste in wood and mud in a Hindu fashion. In 1801, the Royal family moved into it. However, this Palace was burnt to ashes after a fire broke out during the wedding of Maharaja Chamaraja’s eldest daughter in 1897. Immediately reconstruction of this Palace was undertaken while the Royal family moved into the Jaganmohan Palace. Henry Irwin, an English architect designed the new Palace. The construction work was completed in 1912 and cost about Rs 41 lakhs.


Brindavan Gardens

The Brindavan Gardens are one of the most visited places in Mysore, both by locals and by the tourists. They are located about 19 Km from the heart of the city and are laid out below the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam which is built across the river Kaveri. The Brindavan Gardens are famous for their illuminated dancing fountains which spring to life after the sunset. A superb example of impeccable sense of engineering is the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, also called as Kannambadi by the locals also attracts a lot of tourists. It was built in 1924 by none other than Sir M Vishveswaraiah, one of India’s finest engineers.


Srirangapatnam Fort

Another prime attraction in Mysore is the famous Srirangapatnam Fort. It was built in the year 1537 by a feudal lord. It is a magnificent structure which is considered to be the second toughest fort in India. The Fort has four main entrances which are known as Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore and Water and Elephant gates. The special feature of this Fort is that it w\has a double wall defense system which makes it invincible. The residence of the legendary Tipu Sultan is inside this Fort. Thus, it is also called as the Tipu Sultan Fort.


You return back to your hotel late at night and stay overnight at Mysore.

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