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Keonjhar is a picturesque place. It has waterfalls and is also rich in mineral recourses.  It has terrace farms and is a trunk of natural beauty. There are many places of attraction, in and around Keonjhar.

Sitabinji is a place located 30 km from Keonjhar. It is situated on the Sita River is known for the fresco paintings found in a place called Ravan Chayya. Here the ancient paintings are made on a rock shelter. Badaghagara is a favourite picnic spot, located 9 km from Keonjhar. It is a small waterfall and is an exciting place.


Sanghagara is also a small waterfall, located 6 km from the city. This place is suitable for outings. Keonjharghar is the District headquarters, famous for the Vishnu Temple.



51,832 (2001)

Nearest Major City(s):


How to reach:

Keonjhar By Air

The nearest airport to Keonjhar is Biju Patnaik Airport situated at Bhubaneswar.

Keonjhar By Train

The nearest railhead is J. K. Road which is about 114 km from Keonjhar

Keonjhar By Road

Keonjhar is well connected with Bhubaneswar, Ranchi and Kolkata by bus services

Major Tourist Attraction:

Khandadhar falls, Murga falls, Chikinia Park, Bhadaghagara falls, Sanaghagara falls, Ravan Chhaya.

Temples: Lord Baladev Jew, Balunkeswar Mahesh, Brahmeshwar Mahadev, Murga Mahadev, Baladevjeu, Kushaleshwar.

Speciality(Famous for):

Natural beauty

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