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Put on the world map by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498, Kozhikode today is a centre of flourishing domestic and international trade in Northern Kerala. A thriving city as it is, Kozhikode is embellished with a strong rustic charm, beholding century old customs and art forms with poise. Popular for its historical sites, unique culture, yesteryear yet friendly ambience, Kozhikode can be engaging enough!


Kozhikode was once the capital of the Malabar region and was ruled by the Zamorin Kings prior to the British and Portuguese invasion. It was founded in the 13th century A.D by the Udaiyavar of Ernad after fighting a vicious battle of 48 long years with the Pollithiri King. The Europeans called Udaiyavar Zamorin. Kozhikode was a trading port in spices like black pepper, cardamom, paper, textile, lac, ginger, myrobalans, cinnamon and zedoary. That is why it was called the ‘Jewel of Malabar’.


The popular tourist hangouts in Kozhikode are the Beach Road, Mananchira Square, the Mother of God Cathedral and the Tali Temple. The beach road area is a perfect spot to wander around in the evenings and choosing assorted snacks and eatables from the vendors off this boulevard. There is also a marine aquarium at the northern end of this beach, quite during the heat of the day, it attracts a few visitors.

The Mananchira Square is the shopping hub of Kozhikode. It lies in the heart of the city and is surrounded by important landmarks like a pleasing brick and tile public library, bust of S.K Pottekkad, a famous Malaya writer and a way to the SM Street that is swarmed with shoppers from morning to night. SM Street literally means the ‘sweet meat’ Street is a haven for those who have a sweet tooth. It is known specially for ‘Halva’, a local glutinous sweet dish. Moving through this area, it is hard not to lay hands on stuffs sold here.


The 18th century Gothic cathedral, the Mother of God Cathedral was built by Jesuit missionaries. A 200 year old portrait of St. Mary imposingly adorns its walls and it has an elegant façade. This building is a living tribute to the Italian and Indian skills of architecture. It also reminds of the peaceful coexistence of the Christian fraternity in Kozhikode since ages, just another example complimenting Kozhikode’s unique culture.


Manavikraman, a Zamorin King built the Tali Temple in the 14th century equipped with intricate carvings on wooden roofs. This temple hosts an annual cultural and intellectual event, Revathi Pattathanam. Located about one and a half kilometers east of the Mananchira square, this temple is worth a visit.

Apart from the temple and the cathedral, Kozhikode has two historical and architectural landmarks in the form of the Mishkal Mosque and the Muchundipalli Mosque. The Mishkal Mosque was constructed by a rich Arab businessman and ship owner Nakhooda Mishkal nearly 700 years ago. It is built entirely out of wood, supported on 24 carved pillars and has 47 doors. There are intricate carvings on the ceilings and doors. The Gopuram style entrance arches and the absence of minarets evokes the influence of Kerala’s temple architecture on its construction.

The Muchundipalli Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city. Built in the 13th century this mosque has a inscription on a stone slab in ancient Vattezhuthu script (Ancient Malayam) that narrates the story of a Zamorin King who donated land. The outer walls of this mosque have elaborate and beautiful wood carvings on its ceilings.


A Planetarium and a Science Centre and Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery also dot Kozhikode. The Planetarium is situated at the city’s Jaffar Khan Colony and must not be missed. This Planetarium can occupy 250 people at once and has a Zeiss projector installed which conjures up perfectly, the night sky. Huge working models of garden insects, bugs and arthropods in the entomology section called ‘Giants of Nature’ at the Regional Science Centre are popular amongst tourists.


The Pazhassiraja Museum was built in 1812 and has a rare collection of copies of excavated earthenware, models of temples and megalithic monuments like the rock cut caves, crypts, umbrella stones and burial urns and ancient murals, bronzes, old coins. The Art gallery, lying next door to the Museum exhibits extra ordinary collection of paintings painted by Raja Ravi Varma and his uncle Raja Rama Varma. Those who have an eye for art should not miss this place.


Carrying its history on its sleeves, Kozhikode has a modern air due to its never eluding business buzz. Though not entirely a tourist’s retreat, it has its own subtle yet somehow vivacious charm that can behold a tourist for some time.

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In and Around Kozhikode - by Dipty Savant Dated : 2011-05-28
Kozhikode is a place you should visit if you want to relax completely or even if you want to get a taste of history. Kottakkal is a place near Kozhikode where you can get refreshing aryurvedic massages. You can either stay here for a day or for many days.
From Kottakal, you can proceed to Kappad beach; this beach is lovely and also has a resort of the 5 star varieties. From this you can imagine how gorgeous the beach must be, as there is a 5 star resort there.
Kappad beach is the beach where Vasco Da Gama landed. There is a monument on this beach. From Kappad beach, you can take a bus to Vadagara. You should not miss going to the beach in Vadagara, as you get antiques there. You can get an auto from the bus stand in Vadagara to the beach.
There is also a Lokanarkavu temple in Vadagara. This temple has a very long history. From Vadagara, you can visit Beypore. You can buy show pieces of small ships in Beypore, as Beypore is known for traditional ship building.
From Beypore, you can come back to Kozhikode. In Kozhikode, you can buy gold, as there are many gold shops there. Thus you can see that if you visit Kozhikode, there are many wonderful places around Kozhikode which you can visit. You can do this even if you have a small budget for your trip.
Kozhikode, an Enjoyable Place - by Nishant Reddy Dated : 2011-05-28
Kottakal is a place near Kozhikode, where you can get authentic ayurvedic massages. You can choose to stay in Kottakal for one day or for many days. The experience at Kottakal is very rejuvenating.
You can also go to the Kappad beach near Kozhikode. You can plan your trip in such a way that you can visit Kappad beach after visiting Kottakal. The Kappad beach is the beach where Vasco Da Gama had landed during his exploration of different lands of the world.
There is a monument on the Kappad beach and the beach itself is very beautiful. There is also a resort on this beach. From the Kappad beach, you can proceed to Vadagara. You can proceed to Vadagara by road. Vadagara is the land of an ancient martial art. This martial art is a combination of the Kungfu- Jujitsu style.
In Vadagara, you can also visit a local kalari. You will have to ask around before you find the kalari. Kadathanadu kalari is an example of the Kalari. Once you reach Vadagara by bus, you can take an auto from the bus stand to the beach. You should not miss visiting the beach in Vadagara because you get antiques near the beach.
From Vadagara, you can either come back to Kozhikode or you can choose to go to Beypore. Beypore is known for traditional ship building.
Different things to do in Kozhikode - by Rajesh Pillai Dated : 2011-05-28
When in Kozhikode you can visit Kalli. Kalli has many old timber shops. You can go to Kalli by auto and once you reach there, you will get tom know that the timber is transported there by river.
Kozhikode is a place of complete relaxation as it is not a big, tourist oriented place. If you want to soothe your senses, you can visit Kottakal. It takes an hour to visit Kottakal by bus, from Kozhikode. I strongly recommend going to Kottakal because here you can have one of the best ayurvedic massages. The massages are authentic and are world famous. These refreshing massages are given in the Arya vaidya sala.
In the evening you can take an auto to the beach and enjoy there. In the evening you can also visit the Zamorin’s courtyard and Mananchira square. Both these places are historically important. Zamorin was the king of Malabar, 500 years ago and he was the first person the westerners came to.
You can also go to the Krishna Menon museum, where you can see Krishna Menon’s memorabilia. You should not miss the Sweetmeat Street, as you can get sweets, clothes and spices here. The Sweetmeat Street is next to the Mananchira square.
Kozhikode is a safe city compared to the other cities in India, as the people here are honest. There won’t be any instances where people will misguide you.
Kozhikode, a Relaxing Place - by Lalita Nair Dated : 2011-05-28
There is a place in Kozhikode called Kalli, which has old timber shops. Here timber is transported by the river Kalli. You can take an auto to Kalli. You can also visit the Krishna Menon museum and see Krishan Menon’s memorabilia. You can also visit Pazhasi raja museum.
You can take an auto and visit the beach in the evening. You can also visit the Zamorin’s courtyard in the evening. This is a place of historical importance, as Zamorin was the king of Malabar 500 years ago and he was the first person, the westerners came to.
Another place of historical importance is Mananchira square. Next to the Mananchira square is the Sweetmeat Street, where you can buy Indian sweets, clothes and spices. Comtrust is close to the Sweetmeat Street and has a150 year old showroom, which has British architecture.
Kozhikode is a safe city as the people of the city are honest. Kozhikode enjoys a pleasant climate most part of the year, but the summers can be a little hot. If you are planning a visit to Kozhikode, you should avoid the rainy season.
If you really want to rejuvenate yourself, then you should visit the Arya vaidya sala. It takes 1 hour to reach Arya vaidya sala from Kozhikode, by bus. Arya vaidya sala is located in Kottakal and offers very good ayurvedic massages.
Kozhikode, a Nice Get Away - by Komal Shetty Dated : 2011-05-28
I have always wanted to visit Kozhikode in Kerala and when my elder brother asked me to accompany him on his visit to Kozhikode, I was more than happy to join him. My brother works in the corporate sector and thus has a very hectic schedule and I am a student. I had my summer vacations going on, so I was free and all ready to visit Kozhikode.
We flew to Kozhikode and the trip from the airport to the town took just half an hour. When we reached Kozhikode, we saw many reasonable hotels there and booked into 1 hotel. Kozhikode is not only well connected by air, but also by road and rail.
Various places in Kerala are known for different tourist attractions. Kovalam is known for its lovely beaches, Kollam is known for its lakes and Trivandrum is a main tourist attraction. Kozhikode is not a tourist oriented place, but it is a place where one can just sit back and relax.
You will not find a conducted tour in Kozhikode, but you can be your own guide. Moreover, you can enjoy the place in less money. When in Kozhikode, you can move around in rickshaws and the rickshawvalas are very honest. Kozhikode is one of the most reliable places in India.
So just let your hair down and enjoy the experience that is Kozhikode.
Kozhikode, a heaven - by Rebbecka Cook Dated : 2011-05-28
Every time I visit India, I find something new and enchanting about it. I am quite familiar with India, as I have visited it twice in the last four years. I don’t know what it is about India which attracts me towards it.
I feel that the people of India are very warm and hospitable. During my visit to India this time, I had decided to visit Kerala. Kozhikode is a beautiful town in Kerala.
There are many places in Kerala which are worth a visit. There are the gorgeous beaches of Kovalam, the lakes of Kollam and the Venice of the east, Allepey. If you just want to sit back and relax, the place for you is Kozhikode. Kozhikode is also called Calicut.
Kozhikode is not a big tourist centre like Trivandrum, so you should not expect a conducted tour. Instead, you will have to be your own guide and enjoy the place. You can move around I Kozhikode in a strict budget.
One of the best aspects of Kozhikode is that it is well connected by air, road and rail. It takes just half an hour to reach Kozhikode from the airport. You will also find many reasonable hotels in Kozhikode. You can travel by rickshaw around Kozhikode. The rickshawvalas are very honest and I can tell you that the people of this city are very reliable.