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Jungle Trails [Day 13]
Route Distance Time
Bharatpur - Agra 51 km 1 Hrs
Jabalpur - Kanha 169 km 4 Hrs
Kanha - Bandhavgarh 250 km 6 Hrs
Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho 280 km 7 Hrs

Day 13 – Khajuraho

The city of Khajuraho is fondly called the City of temples. The complex of temples that Khajuraho bears, remain unique all over India due to their uncanny architecture. Under the artistic patronage of the Chandela, the Rajput kings of Central India, 85 impeccable temples were built at a site in a village near Khajuraho. They were completed in a time period of 100 years, the creativity exuding in every carved inch. Unfortunately, today only 22 of the 85 temples have stood the sands of time.


The temples and the erotica depicted in the carvings are known to have a special purpose. In the ancient times, the boys lived in hermitages to acquire divine knowledge and know how, followed Hindu law of being ‘Brahmacharis’ or celibate until they attained manhood. They could only prepare themselves for being a family man by studying these sculptures and the passions they depict.


You can experience the beauty of the intricate carvings on these historical monuments.


In the afternoon you board a flight for Delhi.


You reach Delhi by evening and move to your hotel, take a good night’s sleep.

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