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Jungle Trails [Day 6]
Route Distance Time
Bharatpur - Agra 51 km 1 Hrs
Jabalpur - Kanha 169 km 4 Hrs
Kanha - Bandhavgarh 250 km 6 Hrs
Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho 280 km 7 Hrs

Day 6 – Bharatpur

Be ready to listen to the chirping of the birds of the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur in the morning.

The Bharatpur bird sanctuary now known as the Koladeo National Park was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO under the natural category. It is merely 29 square kilometers in area and is home to 365 bird species. The sanctuary is known to have developed around 250 years ago when Maharaj Suraj Mal of Bharatpur constructed Arjun Bund, a water reservoir on nearby rivers Gambhir and Banganga. It attracted many bird species and became the biggest duck hunting place during the British rule. A museum at the sanctuary exhibits a picture of the day when a whopping 4000 ducks were shot dead. Later in 1971 it was declared as National Park.

The Saras cranes the tallest flight birds are spotted in this national park apart from numerous duck species and prey birds like tawny eagles, marsh harrier and laggar falcons. Animals like jackals, sambhar, spotted deer, blue bucks and pythons can also be seen. This National Park is a nature lover’s delight.


In the afternoon, you proceed for Agra (51 Km/ 1 Hour). On the way you visit the popular Red Fort at the Fatehpur Sikri. You reach Agra by evening and are escorted to your hotel where you spend the night.


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