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Manali is one the most popular tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by mountains and has beautiful landscape, enough to lure tourists.  It is a well known honeymoon destination for domestic tourists while foreigners love to come to this place for adventure sports and hanging out in the surrounding hippie villages.

The  worth visiting tourist spots in Manali are the Hadimba Temple, Manali Museum, Buddhist monasteries and the Nature Park. Amazing outdoor activities like ballooning, fishing, Jeep Safaris, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering and Paragliding make Manali a great tourist destination. Also walking, trekking and horse riding can be joyous at Manali.


The Hidimba Temple is built in the honor of Hidimba, the wife of Bhima, pilgrims from all over India come to visit this temple. The Manali Museum is situated just opposite this temple. It has religious relics, instruments, weapons and carvings of Himachal temples.  The Himalayan Nyinmapa Buddhist Temple has a two storied statue of Shakyamuni. This is a famous monastery. The Nature Reserve or Nature Park of Manali has a small aviary of Himalayan birds. Manali is a relaxing tourist destination.


Population: 17,786 (2005)
Airport: Bhuntar Airport in Kullu, approximately 50 km away
Railway station: Jogindernagar Railway Station, approximately 135 km away. Chandigarh (310 km), and Ambala (355 km) are also near
Nearest Major City(s): Mandi (110 km) ,Delhi (570 km), Shimla (260 km).
How to reach: Manali is very well connected with the major cities of India. Manali can be reached either travel by air, train or by road.
Major Tourist Attraction: Rohtang Pass, Hidimba Temple, Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temple, Solang Valley, Rahala waterfalls,Monasteries
Speciality(Famous for): The snowline. Popular honeymoon destination and facilitates adventure activities
Food Speciality: Vada, bhatora and patrodu are served during celebrations and festivities. Homemade wine from barley and red rice, known as Chakti and Lugri is famous
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Manali is as mesmerising as ever - by Dalbir Sodhi Dated : 2012-02-24
Manali is my favourite hill station among all the North Indian hill stations. The road journey to Manali is tiring but completely worth it, because once you reach Manali, you are filled with a new energy. Manali is full of the hustle and bustle of tourists.

A must-visit place in Manali is Rohtang Pass. Here you can enjoy the snow-covered mountains and go sledging, skiing and take ski moped trips. Rohtang Pass is open only for 4 months, from June to September. It is 52 Kms from Manali. You will face heavy traffic on your way back from Rohtang Pass to Manali as the roads are very narrow and have vehicles standing on their sides as this is the only parking facility available.

The home of the Indian mountaineering association is Solang Valley in Manali. An Ice Rink is present here. Here, you can have your pictures clicked with an Angora rabbit or go about the rink on a wooden sledge. There was a lot of snow in Solang Valley when we went there.

Hadimba Mata Temple is a destination in Manali. The place of ‘Veer Ghatotkach’ is a place of worship close to this temple. The place of ‘Veer Ghatotkach’ has a huge tree with a platform at its base but doesn’t have a temple. Manali is one of the top summer destinations of India.
Manali offers an exciting experience - by Mahesh Thorat Dated : 2012-02-23
One of the places we visited when we were in Manali was Solang Valley. There, it was fun seeing the people who had not seen snow before. Here we also went down a slope in an old tyre but the best part for me was paragliding from a very tall mountain. We first went in a chairlift. Then the walk to the paragliding point was very scary. It was very cold up there but we had hired snow suits from one of the shops on the way.

A young boy accompanied us. He carried our skies and looked after our stuff when we were paragliding. He wasn’t expecting any money from us but we gave him Rs.300 and he seemed pleased with it.

When we were in Manali, we also went to the Hadimba Mata Mandir. Situated in the middle of a forest called Dungiri, it is a 4 storey temple. The 4th storey of this ‘Pagoda’ style temple is metal clad and the 3 other storeys are of timber. In this 500 year old temple, there is no idol for worship. On a rock-like surface there is a footprint which is said to be of Goddess Hadimba Mata.

Someone had just sacrificed a sheep in the temple yard, when we visited the Hadimba Mata Temple. It gave a gory image to see blood scattered there, mixed with rain drops.

All in all, Manali is a fun place.
Different kind of worship in Manali - by Divakar Dated : 2012-02-20
The Hadimba Mata Mandir is a 4 storey temple, situated in the middle of a forest called Dungiri. It was very close to our place of stay. Three of the storeys of this ‘Pagoda’ style temple are of timber and the 4th storey is metal clad. Lush green trees surround this temple. There is no idol for worship in this 500 year old temple, but there is a footprint on a rock-like surface which is said to be of Goddess Hadimba Mata.

When we visited the Hadimba Mata Temple, someone had just sacrificed a sheep in the temple yard. There was blood scattered there and this mixed with rain drops gave a gory image.

Close to this temple is another place of worship, called the place of ‘Veer Ghatotkach’. There is no temple here but just a huge tree with a platform at its base. In the month of May, there is a Mela held in the Hadimba Mata Mandir, to celebrate her birthday.

Solang Valley is another place in Manali, which is the home of the Indian mountaineering association. Here there is an Ice Rink. You can go about this rink on a wooden sledge or even have your pictures clicked with an Angora rabbit. When we went to Solang Valley, there was a lot of snow there. Manali, with its various attractions is a place worth a visit.