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Mount Abu
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A retreat from the heat of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is the highest mountain in the Aravali Hill range. This lush green mountain holds a friendly plateau atop, which spreads 22 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide, making Mount Abu a wonderful little settlement. Having its origins trace back in ancient times, Mount Abu, today, is a famous hill station in India, where tourists gather from Delhi, Gujrat and entire Rajasthan during the summers, making it a place bustling with fun and activity. Mount Abu offers hundreds of lodges and hotels to suite every need and requirement.


Situated 1219 meters high from the sea level, Mount Abu can be cool enough to make you put on multiple layers of clothing during summer. In winters the temperature can touch 0 degrees Celsius. A famous honeymoon destination, Mount Abu is also a popular destination amongst families and groups youngsters. Thanks to the excellent care taken by the Rajasthan Government, the place is full of enjoyment every season, be it summer or winter.


One of the most prominent features of Mount Abu is its series of hotels that provide exceptional staying facilities and great cuisine. The main market area of Mount Abu starts coming alive after 5 pm. The market is mainly highlighted by small stalls and restaurants offering a wide variety of delicious food. The joy of street shopping sees no bounds at Mount Abu as you walk from one small shop to another looking at jewelry, clothing, souvenirs made from art and handicraft items, toys and magic instruments for children and several unimaginable specialties that surprise you.


During the day, there are a lot of places to visit at Mount Abu. You can start with Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary, which spreads for 290 kilometers. It is believed that you can spot bears and wild crocodiles quite easily here. Apart from these one can also see wolves, jackals, hyenas and jungle cats. Leopards at Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary are extremely hard to spot, but they do sometimes pay a surprise visit to an odd wildlife lover.


Mount Abu is famous for a series of Dilwara Temples from the 11th to 13th century. These Jain temples are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. Apart from the Jain Temples, there is an ancient and famous Dattatraya or simply Datta temple at Guru Shikhar peak, the highest point in Rajasthan. Not far below this height is the Mount Abu Observatory, which is not open to the tourists.


During evenings, people go for a boat ride in Nakki Lake. This lake is adds to the beauty of Mount Abu and is prominently highlighted by a large rock shaped like a toad, hence giving it the name Toad Rock. When the lights on the banks start coming on, the lake makes a good site.


Achalgarh Fort, built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha of Kumbhalgarh is another attraction at Mount Abu. The fort hosts several exquisite Jain temples.


During summers and winters, Rajasthan Government organizes festivals in Mount Abu which are brought alive by the singers, dancers, musicians and other performers from India as well as the local vicinity. These festivals could be a great opportunity to see and appreciate the best of the folk artists from Rajasthan.

One of the major hill stations in India, Mount Abu is a place for enjoyment and relaxation in company of your friends and family and the beautiful nature and weather. Abu Road, 27 kilometers downhill from Mount Abu, is a major railway station approachable from every corner of India.


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Quick Reference

Mount Abu is a famous hill station in Rajasthan where tourists flock from several states around. It is a long tableland on which the sizeable town of Mount Abu is settled. The highest peak in the Aravali Range is also there at Mount Abu. Mount Abu has an interesting market which starts getting livelier after 5 pm. It is an interesting place for food lovers and shopaholics. There are lots of places to visit in Mount Abu, the sunset point and the Jain Temples being the most famous ones. You can also visit Nakki Lake, Achal Garh, Guru Shikhar, Adhar Devi, and Trevor’s Crocodile Park. Mount Abu also offers various walks and treks that lead to the sites offering panoramic views of the valley. There is also a wildlife sanctuary here where wildlife lovers can spot sloth bears and crocodiles. Leopards are also spotted rarely. Mount Abu hosts Brahma Kumaris World Headquarters, a meditation center that provides attendees spiritual practice.


Destination Grade: A (What is this?)
Rating: 8/10
Population: 22152
5 Star Hotels: Hotel Hillock
Luxury Hotels: Hotel Hillock
Airport: Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur
Railway Station: Abu road railway station 22 km from mount abu
Nearest Major City(s): Udaipur (99 km), Pali (145 km), Gandhinagar (154 km)
How to reach: Well connected to entire India
Major Tourist Attraction: Dilwara Jain Temple, Nakki Lake, Guru Shikar, Wildlife sanctuary
Speciality(Famous for): Sunset points, Honeymoon Point
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Winter Festival at Mount Abu - by Atul Loke  Dated : 2011-03-14
I had the complete pleasure to visit Mount Abu with my wife last winter and I was lucky enough to attend the festival organized by the Government of Rajasthan. The festival was a delightful entertainer. It was the month of December and the weather in Mount Abu was really chilly yet pleasant.

The festival was of three days, a mark of respect to the Rajasthani Tribal culture and lifestyle. It was organized by the Municipal Board of Mount Abu and Rajasthan Tourism. I and my wife had the time of our lives.

Lots of water sports are held in Mount Abu along with Rajasthani folk and classical dances. Colorful processions and games are another attraction of this festival. Hundreds of locals as well as foreign tourists come to Mount Abu during these festivals and enjoy the thrilling atmosphere here.

A procession starting from Hotel Shikhar and ending at the Nakki Lake Square was an entertaining one. It was a ritual procession with which the festival begins. The best thing about Mount Abu is that the locals are very humble and warm to the tourists both Indian and foreigners and love to hospitalize them. They wholeheartedly welcome the tourists in the festival celebrations and make them feel at home. The hospitality clubbed with the enthusiastic atmosphere and celebrating mood adds up to the joys of the tourists.

The event was a memorable experience for both me and my wife. I advise tourists to go visit this place, it is one of its kind hill station, offering almost anything and everything desirable in a tourist place.
Mount Abu Trip - by Manish Trivedi Dated : 2011-03-09
Few days ago I took a short trip to Mount Abu and my trip was really a good one. It is five hour drive from Ahemadabad. I and four of my friends were keen to go to Mount Abu. We started early in the morning and by noon we were in Mount Abu. On our way to Mount Abu we saw many langoors.

I saw many notices about not littering on the roads and fine on feeding wild animals everywhere. The roadsides of the town are very clean, not littered, thanks to the Government of Rajasthan.

The first place that we visited in Mount Abu was the famous Dilwara temples. They are Jain temples that were built in the 11th century. They are beautifully decorated with marble work.

After the visit to the temples we went to take a boat ride at the Nakki Lake. We saw many ducks and water hens resting on the islands in between. We spent a total 300 rupees on the boat ride for the five of us. The lake was beautiful, clean and well maintained.

After the boat ride we went to a hotel nearby. However I did not like the food that it served. All of us were disappointed.

We went to the sunset point the next evening; it is also called the honeymoon point. We got to see the spectacular view of the Aravali hills and indeed the sunset was nice to see. There was a lot of rush at the sunset point and many college students were shouting there, it was a bit disturbing.

We also visited the market near the Nakki Lake, took photographs near the toad rock and finally returned back to the hotel as we had to leave for Ahemadabad the next morning. The trip was short but sweet.
Fond Memories of Mount Abu - by Jagdish Dholakia  Dated : 2011-03-09
I travelled to Mount Abu with my best friend Ashish. It is a five hour drive from Ahemadabad. We started from Ahemadabad at 9.00 am and reached Mount Abu at 3.00 pm. As we had taken a bus, it was fun to know different people.

We stayed in a beautiful hotel surrounded by gardens and flowers. We went to the Nakki Lake in the evening. I loved watching the Nakki Lake and boating in the fresh air. On the second day we went to the Gurushikhar temple. It is situated on a really high altitude. We had hired a bike and the total distance from bottom to top of the hill was 9 kilometers. I drove around the zig-zag roads to the temple and we took blessings of God for a better life ahead. But driving back down was more exciting because all I had to do was apply brakes at the right time.

We played pool at a club nearby our hotel, drank coffee at Café Coffee Day as I love coffee a lot and ate some snacks. I loved the food in Mount Abu, specially the Dal Bati. There are many food junctions in Mount Abu that offer you delicious and hygienic food. Eating ice cream in the chilly weather was also a nice experience. Ashish caught cold and kept on teasing him.

Lastly, we went to this spot called the sunset point. It is also called the ‘Lover’s Paradise’. You can the beautiful sunset, the warm and golden sunrays touching the face of the earth. I and Ashish had a memorable time and I shall miss Ashish after I go to the U.S. Mount Abu has given us both very fond memories.
A Business Meeting + Trip To Mount Abu - by Mohit Pandey  Dated : 2011-03-08
The best thing about Mount Abu is its pleasant weather. I had gone to Mount Abu for a business meeting and I reached Mount Abu I fell in love with it. It is one of the best cities I have ever visited. It is the only hill station of Rajasthan. It is situated at a height of 1219 meters and the weather there is quite chilly yet very pleasant.

The lodging facilities in Mount Abu are also exquisite and very affordable and since you get very tasty food in entire Rajasthan Mount Abu is not an exception. I observed that there were many families and groups of youngsters who had come to visit Mount Abu. This destination is a good choice for any group of tourists.

I am not much of a shopaholic but I wanted to take back home some souvenirs for my family. So I decided to visit the market. I must say, the Mount Abu market is a great market. You can find anything you want, interesting stuffs like toys, jewelry and magic material that is rare to find. I bought many things there.

I went boating at Nakki lake in the evening, I was alone so it was not very interesting but I loved the view of Mount Abu after the dusk. The city looks alive and beautiful. There is also a fort in Mount Abu, it is called the Achalgarh Fort, but time did not permit me to go and visit it. However, I hope I get business meetings in Mount Abu again, I wish to come back.
Tsokar - Fun Trip to Mount Abu - by Ravi Chauhan  Dated : 2011-03-08
Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan. Last summer I had been to Mount Abu with my friends. 5 of us had been there, it was no preplanned but an instant decision to go there. As one of my friends owned a hotel there we did not face any accommodation problem. There are very good hotels and lodges in Mount Abu.

The weather of Mount Abu is very pleasant. We had planned to stay there for three whole days. We did not have any itinerary in our minds. After our breakfast we went to look around the place and bought really interesting stuff like toys, magic material and some clothes.

The next day we went to visit the Mount Abu wild life sanctuary. We spotted many wild animals there like bears and crocodiles. We took many photographs there. On the last day of our stay we went to see the famous Dilwara temples, since none of us were religious we got back we got back early. We then went to see the Achalgarh Fort. It was very well maintained fort. The Rajasthan Government has taken good care of the place and we really had a great time there. The place is affordable, worth visiting and good for a summer holiday with family or friends.
A Thrilling Trip to Mount Abu - by Raj Menon  Dated : 2011-03-07
The only hill station in Rajasthan is Mount Abu. I went to Mount Abu with my family and we had a great time there. What I liked most about Mount Abu is its pleasant and entertaining atmosphere. Tourist can rejoice in Mount Abu forgetting all their worries and people from any age group can come and enjoy here.

We were staying in a very good hotel which served us good food and living conditions. While my sisters were busy shopping, I and my brothers went around the town exploring the town, eating delicious food and buying some useful things. Mount Abu has a bustling market and you get really good stuff there like toys and magic instruments. In the evening we went boating on the Nakki Lake. We took funny pictures near the toad rock. The view around the lake was so calm and beautiful.

The next day we went to visit the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. We could spot animals like bears and crocodiles, jackals and hyenas. We also went to see the famous Dilwara temples the next day. They are Jain temples. The Achalgarh Fort was also a very good spot; we took so many photographs there. Interestingly, there were Jain temples inside this fort too. There is an observatory in Mount Abu but unfortunately it is not open to the tourists, I do not know why.

All in all me and my family had a short yet excellent trip, thanks to simple and cool places like Mount Abu.
Mount Abu - by Neelam Dated : 2011-02-09
Me along with my friends went to Mount Abu last year. It was real fun. Around 15 of us stayed in an excellent hotel in Mount ABu and we really loved the food and the atmosphere there. Music, shopping and roaming around the city became our favorite pastime. The sunset point was the most promising location of all. We took snaps there, Mount Abu gave us fond memories. We did boating at the Nakki lake also and took funny photos with the Toad rock in the background. The famous Dilawara temples were also nice. The wildlife sanctuary of Mount Abu is exquisite. We saw many animals in their natural haven. I simple loved the experience. Mount ABu is a great hill station.
MountAbu - The Only Hill Station in Rajasthan - by Apurva Pathak Dated : 2011-01-24
Like the name suggests, Mount Abu is a mounted town, a beautiful hill station. It looks like one small colorful settlement where there is a lot of fun and frolic and constant activity. Equipped with great hotels and lodges this place is really a welcoming destination. The delicious food of Mount Abu can never elude the tongue while shopping here is much of a delight.

More than 1200 meters above the sea level, this place is really chilly and can give you a run for your winter wear. It is the highest peak in the Aravalli mountain ranges. During winters the temperature can be as low as 0 degree celcius. But the chill can never dominate the warmth that this place generates. It is just like Rajasthan’s own Switzerland. A family holiday or a friend group tour can really be joyous with lots of entertaining stuff, be it any season.

The Dilwara temples dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras built around the 13th century and the Datta temple on the Guru Shikhar peak, the highest point of Rajasthan are really spectacular. Mount Abu also has a wildlife sanctuary where you can easily spot crocodiles, bears, jackals and wolves.The Achalgarh Fort built by Rana Kumbha of Kumbhalgarh is yet another attraction which hosts beautiful Jain temples. Boating at the Nakki Lake in the evening is pleasurable. A large rock that is shaped like a toad, called the Toad rock is the special attraction of the Lake. While in Rajasthan a visit to Mount Abu can be refreshing and relaxing.