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A picturesque region of rolling mountains wearing gorgeous, well trimmed costumes of tea plantations, beautiful lakes, waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries that breed some of the dear gifts of Mother Nature, Munnar is one of the topmost attractions of Kerala and one of the best summer destinations of India. Located over 100 kilometers from Kochi, Munnar is mostly made up of sites with natural beauty and some other attractions such as a tea museum, a flower garden and churches.


Munnar grew in fame after JD Munroe, a British officer, recognized the potential of the land here to grow tea. Munnar owes a lot today to its sprawling tea plantations. It is believed that the place took its name from the name of JD Munroe himself.


For most of the tourists, the visit to Kerala begins from Munnar as it is the nearest major attraction to Kochi, which provides entry to Kerala in forms of its international airport and a busy railway station. A location widely fancied by the couples on honeymoon, a major number of tourists head directly to Munnar without spending a day or two at Kochi. Scaling the short distance of 100 kilometers easily takes three to four hours. As witnessed everywhere in Kerala, the road passes through the busy traffic produced by the never ending series of towns and villages. Later, towards the end of the journey, begin the mountains offering roads in a state of constant damage due to heavy rainfalls during monsoon.


Munnar in itself is a small town offering a wide range of hotels and home-stays. It is highly recommended that you chose a place that offers a nice view of the valley, for experiencing Munnar is more about spending time in the company of nature than sight-seeing. It is not one of those destinations where you should rush through your stay visiting popular attractions. The best way to enjoy this beautiful location is to root a stay here for three days minimum in company of your favorite books and music. You can spend a few hours during the day visiting popular sights, but what will make your Munnar trip memorable is early morning treks in the woods and soothing sunsets watched while relaxing in cozy chairs with a cup of tea.


Of the places that you can visit in the Munnar town itself is the Tea Museum, the one and the only in India. The museum exhibits tea processing equipment and machinery such as the original tea roller made in 1905 amongst other attractions such as curios and photographs. It is also one of the rare places where you can watch the interesting process of tea production.

Blossom International Park in Munnar town draws a lot of tourists, especially those who love to gaze at flowers of different kind. Apart from the exotic and beautiful flowers, the park also offers boat rides offering great views of Munnar.


Munnar town also has some old churches such as Mount Carmel Church and CSI Church. Although these are not very attractive from the outside, they can make a memorable trip if visited at leisure.


One of the highly visited spots around Munnar is Mattupetty Dam, situated 13 kilometers from the main town. The ride to this picturesque location is full of great views of the mountains and valleys. This calm and serene picnic spot is made up of a lake stored by the dam on the height of 1700 meters from the sea level. Several shops of souvenirs and restaurants here add to the touristy feel of the destination.


Further from Mattupetty, on a distance of 4 kilometers is the Sethuparvathipuram Dam of Kundala. Another beautiful destination by a great water body, this dam offers ideal views to make attractive postcards. The boating facility here is highly sought after as it provides great views of the scenic surroundings.


Mattupetty and Kundala being on the same route make a wonderful trip and easily consume half a day. On this route you pass by several places where you can get down and stray off the road for short excursions.


Munnar is one of the famous destinations in India. En route to Thekkady, it is possible to visit Munnar over a night stay. However it is highly recommended that you spend at least two to four nights here to enjoy this wonderful destination.

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Beautiful Munnar - by Mahesh Dated : 2012-01-19
Munnar is a very beautiful place, anybody will fall in love with the natural beauty that Munnar hosts. I loved the ambience, the tea plantation and the flower garden. It is advisable that you stay in Munnar for atleast three days and move around this little town. Club your visit to Munnar with Thekkady, where there is a wildlife sanctuary. The tea museum at Munnar was also a unique tourist spot. The Mattupetty Dam gives you nice picnic spot. Those who are planning to visit Kerala should definitely go to Munnar.
Munnar, a great summer destination - by Prateek Atal Dated : 2011-12-16
Last summer, me and my wife visited Munnar. I must say that it is one of the most visited summer destinations; no doubt it has so much to boast of. The lakes, the wildlife sanctuary and the waterfalls make it very attractive.
I and my wife were overwhelmed by tea plantations and the amazing view of the valley. There is also a tea museum here which we visited after we were insisted by our hotel staff. It is the only tea museum in India.
The Blossom International Park, a flower park impressed my wife a lot. She gazed intently at the beautiful flowers and we also took a boat ride there. We also visited other places in Munnar like- the Mattupetty Dam and the dam at Kundala.
It was a memorable trip for us, we had fun in our short stay of 2 days. It was refreshing for us.
Munnar - by Ritu Chabra Dated : 2011-08-23
Munnar is a splendid part of Kerala, where natural beauty has no bounds and wherever you look you can sooth your eyes with its pristine views. To reach Munnar you need to travel at least three and a half hours by road from the nearest railway station (Ernakulam) or the nearest airport (Cochin). It is 150 kilometers from both Ernakulam and Cochin. On the way to Munnar from either of these destinations, you can see valleys, waterfalls and green areas around. It is advisable that you travel by the KSRTC bus, it is considerably cheap and it’s fun to travel with the locals. Better not travel at night to Munnar because the road to Munnar takes you from high passes and it may be risky. The roads are narrow and little accidents cause huge traffic jams, better travel in the morning or broad daylight.

There are many resorts available in Munnar for each and every person; depending upon your budget you can choose a good hotel there. Confirm things on any travel website, you can bargain with the hotel management freely. There are many modes for sightseeing in Munnar, you can go see the whole Munnar by car, or an auto or a two wheeler. You can hire a car from the Munnar Taxi Association; it is cheap and reliable than the costly options offered at the hotel desks. The main tourist attractions in Munnar are the Eravikulam National Park, The tea museum, Top Station and the Echo point. I had booked a taxi that took me each of these spots and I and my family took pleasure in every moment spent at these places. The only thing that created a little inconvenience was the food. The food was not really good, average I would say. It is advisable that you carry bread, jam and butter along with you. But all in all it was a great decision to go to Munnar. We had fun.
Munnar - by Mahesh Tripathi  Dated : 2011-08-23
I and my friend Ramesh reached Munnar from Alleppy. It is a hill station somewhere in the central South India. We had taken an Air Conditioned bus from Alleppy and ride from the country side towards Munnar was awesome. On the way we saw buildings, shacks built next to beautiful gated homes, markets and the forest, everything about the drive seemed perfect.

But the real fun started when we started our drive uphill. The narrowing road on the turns was a thrilling experience, but we moved up quite safely without any problem. Things got amazing as we moved upwards and I was already wondering how would it be while drive back down! The lush green trees of the hills and the small villages seemed like a perfect backdrop of a movie. Sooner than we expected, as we started getting closer to Munnar, the tea plantations started to appear. For quite some time, the scene outside window just had tea plantations, trees and rocks. It was an amazing sight- the rolling hills full of tea plantations.

Munnar has three connected sections, old Munnar, Munnar and back Munnar. We were staying in old Munnar. It was really clean and pleasant here. Next morning, after a good Dosa breakfast, we went to explore the tea plantations, it was fun. We could not pluck the tea leaves at all. And the very next day we had planned to go on a six hour trek. The tour guide took us on a hill trek, we climbed several hills full of tea plantations and really it was a great feeling. After our trek we went to the waterfall. Like any other waterfall it was a beautiful one, we relaxed there and enjoyed seeing the water falling with a great force.

I and Ramesh had a great time at Munnar, our stay was just fabulous and exciting.
Munnar, a Divine Destination - by Deepika Lad  Dated : 2011-08-23
I am a college student and therefore I couldn’t afford a very expensive vacation, so I decided to visit a tourist destination in India. I had heard a lot about Munnar, so I went there with 2 of my college friends. We went to Munnar during our summer vacations and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

There is no railway station or airport in Munnar. The closest railway station is Ernakulam junction in Cochin. The nearest airport is also in Cochin. Both the closest railway station, as well as the closest airport is at a distance of 150 kilometres from Munnar. It takes 3 ½ hours to reach Munnar by car from either the airport or the railway station. If you take a bus from either of these destinations, then it will take you 4 ½ hours to reach Munnnar.

You can choose to reach Cochin either by air or by rail, depending on your budget. Since my friends and I had a low budget, we went to Cochin by train. The road from Cochin to Munnar is simply breathtaking. I was amazed by the beauty around me.

The first thing you will realize about Munnar is that, it is a respite from the dust and pollution of the city. It is therefore very relaxing. I am from Mumbai, so you can imagine how I felt after reaching Munnar!
Munnar, an Ideal Destination - by Neha Rampal  Dated : 2011-08-23
I am a housewife and it had been a year since I went out on a vacation with my husband and children. I had almost got bored with the household chores and the normal routine and thus I decided to go out on a vacation with my family. We all had heard that Munnar is a good tourist destination, so we decided to go there.

My husband had done a lot of research on Munnar, so we came to know that there are many interesting places around Munnar. One such place is Devikulam. There is a Sita Devi lake in Devikulam, which has rich mineral water resources. The area around the Sita Devi Lake is lush green and people visit this lake, not only because it is sacred, but also because the lake’s water has curative powers.

Pothamedu is another place close to Munnar, which is known for its tea gardens. These tea gardens are spread over level grounds as well as sloping hills. Pothamedu has lush green mountains, which makes it a perfect location for treks and mountain walks.

Nyayamakad is a place at a distance of 10 kilometres from Munnar. It is a perfect location for treks and is also a picnic spot. Nyayamakad is a land of waterfalls. The water falls which stream down spectacular mountains, is a sight to behold. The waterfalls drop down from a height of 1600 meters and therefore are very beautiful.
In and around Munnar - by Asmita Shere  Dated : 2011-08-23
I work in the corporate sector and I badly needed a break. I am not very fond of beaches, so I decided to go to a hill station. I had heard that Munnar is one of the best hill stations in India, so I decided to go there. I had always wanted to go on a vacation all alone, so I set out on my expedition, alone.

There are various tourist destinations within a distance of 10 kilometres to 30 kilometres from Munnar. All these places are worth a visit and therefore your visit to Munnar should be planned in such a way that you have ample time to visit these places.

Some of the interesting tourist destinations around Munnar are Eravikulam National park, Devikulam, Pothamedu, Nyayamakad and many more.

The Eravikulam National park is a must visit destination near Munnar. The National park was established in 1978 and has an area of 97 square kilometres. Eravikulam National Park is home to the Nilgiri thar and before it became a National park, it was made to protect this species.

Eravikulam National Park has a lot of endangered species in it and has a wide variety of flora and fauna. The tallest peak in south India is located in this National Park. Devikulam is a hill station near Munnar and is known for its rich mineral, water resources.
Munnar, a Perfect destination - by Manpreet Kaur  Dated : 2011-08-23
I am a Punjabi and I live in north India. I work in a multi-national Company and I hadn’t taken a break for 6 months, so it was time that I planned a vacation. I left for Munnar with my family.

One thing you should know about Munnar is that you will face a problem with the food. The food in Munnar is not up to the mark, so you should carry your own food resources. Being a Punjabi, I really enjoy food, so I suffered a lot when I was in Munnar.

The natural beauty of Munnar is unparalleled. When you move around in Munnar, you will find many tea gardens. You can see tea gardens for miles and miles, as long as you sight can behold.

Your visit to Munnar will be like a walk in the clouds, as clouds descend on the hills in Munnar. There are funnel shaped flowers which beautify the hills of Munnnar.

The languages spoken in Munnar are Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and English. The temperature in summer varies from 15.2 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. In winter, the temperature in Munnar varies from 0 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius. As you can see, the perfect time to go to Munnar is during summers.

The best time to visit Munnar is from September to May and Munnar lies at an altitude of 5000 to 8000 feet above sea level.
Munnar, One More Heaven on Earth - by Trupti Jadhav  Dated : 2011-08-23
Munnar was the summer resort of the former British Government in south India. The speciality of Munnar is its huge tea plantations, lovely towns, winding lanes and holiday facilities. Munnar is also known as a trekking place in India. Munnar is called a tea town.

The tea plantations in Munnar have been taken over by the Tata tea company. When I visited Munnar with 3 of my cousins, the first thing that struck me about the city is its miles and miles of tea plantations. These tea plantations leave you awestruck and they are gorgeous.

There is a particular flower called Neelakuinji, which bathes the mountains of Munnar in blue colour. This happens just once in 12 years, but it is a sight to behold. The last time that the Neelakuinji flower had coloured the mountains of Munnar in blue, was in 2006.

The Anamudi peak is situated in Munnar. Anamudi is the highest peak in south India and its height is 2695 metres. Anamudi peak is a major attraction for trekkers all over India. It is believed that the Duke of Wellington was the first European to visit Munnar. This is believed to have happened in 1790, but no one is sure about this.

In the early 19th century, the headman of the villages of Anchanad, was named Kanan Thevar. It is said that the hills in Munnar are named after this headman.
Awesome Munnar - by Yogesh Pawar  Dated : 2011-08-23
I had been to Munnar with my wife and 2 children. I had booked a home stay arrangement for us, in Munnar. Our cottage was 3 kilometres away from the city. The cost of the home stay arrangement was reasonable.

We reached Munnar during day time and thus decided to go out for sightseeing. We freshen up in our room before we set out. We had hired a taxi and a driver while we were in Munnar. The local tea gardens, waterfalls and landscapes were excellent. Don’t forget to visit the Tea museum when you are in Munnar.

On our second day in Munnar, we decided that we will not take a vehicle with us, as we wanted to roam around in Munnar, on foot. After we set out on foot in Munnar, we realized that we missed as lot when we were roaming around in the taxi.

We had a major advantage as our the driver of our taxi knew English and was very knowledgeable. Otherwise it becomes a problem while conversing with people from south India as they know only south Indian languages.

Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in India. Munnar is situated at the converging point of 3 mountain streams. These mountain streams are Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. Munnar is located at a height of 1600 metres above sea level.
Munnar, a Paradise of South India - by Priya Pillay Dated : 2011-08-23
I am a resident of Cochin. I set out to Munnar with 2 of my friends from college. We all are working in different companies at different locations, but we had planned this trip from a long time and thus made it possible. We started our journey to Munnar from Cochin station, by taxi.

I had booked a taxi through a website and it was waiting for us at the Cochin station. My friends and I decided to leave for Munnar from Cochin because Cochin is relatively close to Munnar.

I had also booked our tour from the same website and our tour manager was very friendly and helpful. We loaded our luggage in the taxi and left for Munnar.

We left from the Cochin station early in the morning. My friends and I were a little worried as we thought that as we reach Munnar, it will get very cold. The cost of the taxi from Cochin to Munnar was Rs. 1500.

After a while, our taxi started on a hilly route. As we had started the journey early I the morning, we got to see the beauty around us, as we were travelling. We reached Munnar after 4.5 hours.

I had booked a home stay arrangement for me and my friends. It made us feel that we are staying at our own place.
My Trip To Munnar - by Rishi Mukharji  Dated : 2011-08-23
One thing that I want to tell you about my trip to Munnar is that there is a shortage of good restaurants when you travel to Tamil Nadu or Kerala. Carry your own foods, such as bread, butter and jam.

Munnar, as a city is amazing with endless tea gardens and a lot of greenery. I had been to Munnar with my family. We were living in Chinnar, which is 16 kilometres from Munnar. We were staying in a resort there. Even after reaching Chinnar, we faced a problem with food, as there aren’t any good restaurants there. In fact, the food was terrible.

As the food that we get in Chinnar is bad, you should be ready to travel for 1.5 hours to Munnar and have food there. The local sightseeing in Munnar is good and if you have more time at your disposal, you can actually explore a lot of places.

When we were in Munnar, we visited the Goat park, but to our disappointment, it was closed because of the breeding season of the goats. We had also planned to visit the Elephant park, but we found the tickets very expensive, so we didn’t visit it.

All the rest of the places for sightseeing are good. We enjoyed driving on the highways in Tamil Nadu because the highways are well-maintained and the traffic on the roads is very less.