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The Nagarhole National Park is also known as the ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Park’. It lies 94 kilometers to the south west of Mysore. It is famous for its rich forest cover, valleys and waterfalls. It has a considerable population of tigers, Indian Bison and Asiatic Elephants. Stretching 643 square kilometers, this park protects wildlife in Karnataka.

Like the Bandipur National Park, the Nagarhole National Park is also a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. More than 60 tigers reside in this park, and animal sighting at Nagarhole are more common than Bandipur.


The Park is rich in terms of flora and fauna also. Accommodation can be arranged around the Kabini Lake as the views around are breathtaking. Forest Department also offers rooms for lodging which can be booked in advance. If not planning on staying, take a bus to see the Park. The best time to visit this Park is from April to May and November to February.


Airport: Mysore (80 km).
Railway station: Mysore (80 km).
Nearest Major City(s): Mysore (80 km).
How to reach:

By Air: Mysore Airport.

By Train: Mysore Railway Station.

By Road: Buses and Taxis connect Nagarhole National Park to Bengaluru.

Speciality(Famous for): Elephant, King Cobra, Krait, Python, Monitor Lizards, Toads, Tigers.
Ideal Time to Visit the Park: October and April
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