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Ooty , located in Tamil Nadu, is called the queen of hill stations. This beautiful town is the capital of Nilgiris district.

Ooty is very picturesque and as you proceed towards the town, you actually drive through the clouds. It has miles of tea gardens and eucalyptus trees.

Ooty botanical gardens are a very popular destination. These gardens are open for public viewing and are spread over 22 acres. The gardens are lush green and well-maintained. Rare species of trees such as the Cork tree and Paper Bark tree are also found here.


The Ooty Lake is another popular destination. Boating in the lake is a major attraction here. People also enjoy the green surroundings of the lake while boating.



93,921 (2001)

Nearest Major City(s):

Coimbatore is 90 km from Ooty and Mettupalayam is 46 km from Coimbatore

How to reach:

Ooty By Air

The nearest airport is in Coimbatore, which is 100 km away

Ooty By Train

Nearest broad gauge railway head is Mettupalayam, which is 46 km. Major broad gauge railway junction is Coimbatore. It is connected with all major cities.

Ooty By Road

Ooty is well connected by good roads.

Major Tourist Attraction:

Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake, Dodabetta Peak, Lamb's Rock, Kodanadu's View Point, Rose Garden and Pykara lake.

Speciality(Famous for):

Hill Station

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Ooty, a gorgeous place - by Rani  Dated : 2012-02-16
Ooty Botanical Garden was made by John Sullivan, who was the Governor of Coimbatore District in 1847. This garden offers a variety of flowers, which are a visual treat. You will need a lot of energy to walk around the 50 acre campus, or else you can just relax on the green lawn. We were lucky to visit the Botanical Garden after the Summer Flower Festival, which is held in May. We got to see flowers of different hues.

Ooty is the Capital of the Nilgiris District. To get a better view of the Nilgiris, you need to visit Doddabetta, which is the highest peak of the Nilgiris. Dodabatta means ‘Big Mountain’.

If you are visiting Ooty, you should take a ride in the Ooty - Coonoor train. Amidst scenic hills and clouds, it’s around an hour’s travel. I suggest that you return from Coonoor to Ooty in a hired taxi and take a train ticket only from Ooty to Coonoor. You should visit the Coonoor tea estate and tea factory, once you reach Coonoor. Preparation of tea in a small factory can be seen here. Ooty is a must visit destination, as it is called ‘The Queen of hill stations’. If you want to get transformed into another world, you should visit Ooty.
Ooty, a romantic getaway - by Bishu Zha Dated : 2012-02-15
Ooty, a hill station, has a pleasant climate and a gorgeous landscape. It is a popular destination for honeymooners. Ooty is the Capital of the Nilgiris District. ‘Blue mountains’ is the meaning of Nilgiris. The name comes from the eucalyptus trees which grow on the mountains here and give them a blue tint. Ooty welcomes you with the aroma of eucalyptus in the air.

Pykara Lake is one of the tourist spots in Ooty, which lies on the way from Bangalore to Ooty town. Thus you can visit this place while you are approaching Ooty form Bangalore. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, it is a lovely lake. Filmi Chakkar is another tourist spot in Ooty. As many Indian movies are shot here, this place is called so. A vast stretch of grassland, with great views, is Filmi Chakkar. Be prepared to walk a bit, as it is a hilly place.

Ooty is situated at a height of 2,240 m above sea level. As you approach Ooty, you will feel the change in climate and the fresh air. During colonial days, Ooty was a popular summer retreat for the British. Although Ooty is a commercialized place now, you can still feel the chilled climate and also enjoy the view of acres of tea plantations here.
Ooty, a beautiful place - by Shirish Deshpande Dated : 2012-02-14
I visited Ooty with my family, over the weekend. Since we were in Ooty for a very short time, we decided to visit only the important places there. As we approached Ooty in our car, we actually drove through the clouds. It was a wonderful experience.

We are residents of Bangalore, so as we approached Ooty town from Bangalore, we stopped at Pykara Lake. It is a lovely lake with beautiful surroundings. Once we reached Ooty, we went to a place called Filmi Chakkar. This place is called so because many Indian movies are shot here. Filmi Chakkar is a vast stretch of grassland with great views. It is a hilly place, so be prepared to walk a bit.

We also took a ride in the Ooty - Coonoor train. It’s around an hour’s travel amidst scenic hills and clouds. I suggest that you take a ticket only from Ooty to Coonoor and return from Coonooor to Ooty in a hired taxi. Once you reach Coonoor, you should visit the Coonoor tea estate and tea factory. Here, we got to see how tea is prepared in a small factory. Since, Ooty is called ‘The Queen of hill stations’, it is a must visit destination. Gorgeous Ooty will transform you into another world.