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Part 3 – Paithan

A religious as well as historical town, Paithan, Pratishthan of old, has once seen the days of highest glory and affluence. Once one of the richest cities on Earth, Paithan was the capital of Indian empire ruled by Satavahanas, an important dynasty in ancient Indian history that reigned from 2nd century BC to 2nd century AD. An important trade centre on the world map in its day of glory, Paithan exported the famous royal garment, Paithani, right up to Europe. It’s name appears in the legendary ancient Greek book Periplus Maris Erythraei, as Paethan, an important trade centre.

Though of great historical importance, Paithan is today famous mostly as a religious place, with exceptions of Jaikwadi dam and Dnyaneshwar Garden, which attract local as well as domestic tourists visiting Aurangabad. One of the greatest water reservoirs, Jaikwadi damn caters to the need of entire Aurangabad and several other territories. A picturesque place, it’s a heaven for bird-watchers as a huge number of migratory birds coming from Asia and Europe chose to reside here.

Dnyaneshwar Uddyan, the garden built after the famous Vrindawan Garden in Maysore is visited everyday by many spectators, who enjoy it’s lovely setting during the day and the popular shows of musical fountains during the night. The garden also demonstrates scenes from the life of the great saint Dnyaneshwar through sculptures after whom the garden has been named.

Plan a trip: Paithan, situated approximately 50 kilometers south of Aurangabad, is on one hour’s drive. It is recommended for the tourists who plan to stay at Aurangabad for a reasonable amount of time.


Note: Photography is not allowed at the dam.

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