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sariska national park
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Sariska National Park One of the important wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan, and once in India. Known as Sariska Tiger Reserve, Sariska became a wildlife reserve in 1958. It was included in the Project Tiger of India in 1979 and declared a Tiger Reserve. Occupying a large area of 866 kilometers, Sariska in Alwar district is one of the highly visited wildlife sanctuaries due to its proximity to Delhi and Jaipur.


Surrounded by Aravali Mountains, Sariska is hosts some exquisite wildlife species such as the world famous Bengal Tiger, leopards, golden jackals, hyenas, jungle cats, wild boars and several species of deer and antelope and monkeys. Birds such as peafowl, bush quail, grey partridge, Indian tree pie, sand grouse, golden backed woodpecker, great Indian horned owl and crested serpent eagle are also widely seen. Sariska is also rich in minerals, copper being the prime example. However, mining has been banned here to protect the environment.


Sariska, though not as popular but certainly denser than Ranthambore and most of the other wildlife reserves in Rajasthan, provides the thrilling experience of a forest. Though spotting animals is left mostly to luck, even a feel of this wonderful atmosphere could be fulfilling. Sariska, being low on tigers since several years, has been witnessing a decrease in the number of visitors every year, which has been a blessing in disguise for the nature.


Jungle Safaris are arranged by the forest department through open jeeps accompanied by experienced guides. However, you can also hire a government certified guide and roam the forest through your own vehicle (small four wheelers), a feature unavailable in most of the forests.


There are some good lodges where you can stay during the night. The one run by RTDC is especially good. Bookings need to done advance during the winter season.


It is suggested that en route to Jaipur, you stay at Sariska and go for a safari early morning. You can head to Jaipur, a couple hours away, during the noon.


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Sariska is one of the important wildlife reserves in India having some exquisite wildlife species. Sariska is also rich in minerals. Sariska was included in Project Tiger of India in 1979. Jungle safaris are arranged by the forest department along with experienced guides in open jeeps. You can also enter the forest in your own vehicle; however, you must be accompanied by an authorized forest guide. Sariska is not as popular as Ranthambore, but denser than Ranthambore. There are some good hotels and resorts here for an enjoyable stay.


Destination Grade: B (What is this?)
Rating: 8/10
Hotels: Tiger Den, Sariska Palace Hotel (Heritage Hotel), Sariska Tiger Heaven (Resorts), Gulmohur Sariska Resort, Sariska Palace Hotel.
Airport: Jaipur 110 km
Railway Station: Alwar 36 km
Nearest Major City(s): Alwar
How to reach: Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur Highway. Delhi and Jaipur are located at a distance of 250 km and 110 km respectively.
Major Tourist Attraction: Sariska National Park
Speciality(Famous for): Sariska Tiger Reserve
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To Sarika from Alwar - by Vijay Deshmukh  Dated : 2011-03-23
It was a great experience to travel to Sariska from Alwar. It is hardly 40 kilometers from Alwar and 7 of us had boarded a train to reach Alwar and we reached Alwar in the middle of the night. We found a good budget hotel and spent a night at Alwar. Early next morning, we went to the Alwar bus stop and boarded a direct bus to Sariska. It took almost an hour for us to reach Sariska. And since I had a great company of friends the time just passed too quickly.

Sariska is a tiger reserve and we were keen on seeing a tiger or two in the national park. We hired an open jeep from the entrance of the park and set off to explore the reserve. The forest of Sariska is not very huge; it occupies a total area of 866 kilometers. We were not lucky enough to spot a tiger but we did spot a leopard. There is a temple in the jungle near to which was a shop, we bought batteries for our camera from there. We clicked a lot of photos of monkeys, langurs, antelopes, foxes, birds, mountains and what not.

In literally three to four hours we were done with the forest. We were a little disappointed about not being able to see a tiger in a tiger reserve. I wonder why a single tiger wasn’t visible. But the tour was not so dull either. With enthusiastic hearts we headed back to our hotel in Alwar.
In the Forest of Sariska - by Nilesh Tapadiya  Dated : 2011-03-15
I and my friends were keen on having a weekend get away from Delhi; we were bored of the routine life and desperately needed change. The biting cold of Delhi was killing us like always and we wanted a quick escape from its clutches. After a lot of discussion we made out that Rajasthan was the best and undisputed choice.
Actually the centre of attraction in our trip was Bharatpur bird sanctuary, but being amateur bird lovers we knew we couldn’t spend more than a day at Bharatpur. We needed good options for places to visit nearby. And luckily found a great option, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

Skilled in logistics of a trip after planning numerous trips, we had little to worry about. We booked a care for over two days, booked a hotel through the telephone; the internet is a cool source to find out good hotels in Rajasthan. Finally, a group of five (NIranjan, Deepa, Hiten, Vibha and me) left early morning on Saturday.

Sariska is en route to Jaipur. Once we started leaving Delhi behind, we could see the beautiful Delhi-Jaipur highway. The roadside dhabas add up to the charm of the highway. We stopped at a dhaba to sip steaming hot tea to beat the Delhi chill. As we moved forward, the bright yellow sunflower fields welcomed us to Rajasthan. Sariska is just a four hour drive from Delhi. The fields looked so beautiful that we got down and took the first shots of the trip.

By afternoon we reached Sariska and we went straight to ask about the places worth exploring. Sariska is a national tiger reserve. We came to know that it had been years since a tiger had been spotted in the forest. But there are fascinating sites inside the forest, like the ruins of the Neelkanth temple, the Sariska Palace and the Kankwari fort. Since we did not have a lot of time and had to manage our budget, we decided to explore just the Kankwari fort this time. As we reached the fort we came to know that we understood that we were the only tourists there. We happily explored the fort along with our guide. We did not spot much wildlife, except for deer and some beautiful birds.

I would like to mention that the Government hotel takes a little too long to serve lunch to it is always better to find some roadside Dhaba. Later that day we left for Bharatpur. The day we spent at Sariska was fantastic and we had found a great topic to discuss until we reached Bharatpur.
Sariska is Beautiful - by Amar Dated : 2011-02-09
I went to Rajasthan trip with my family. I visited many places like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur. Rajasthan is a beautiful state. I also like the food of Rajasthan. I did lots of photography of palaces and forts. I visited the Sariska National Park and I was really excited to see animals there. The Park is really well maintained. If you go to Rajasthan you must go to Sariska to see birds like owls and woodpeckers and take a nice jungle safari. Thank you Rajashthan for a memorable trip.
A Day Full of Adventure at Sariska National Park - by Apurva Pathak Dated : 2011-01-24
Sariska National Park in Alwar district is yet another feather in Rajasthan’s cap of wildlife sanctuaries. It is a delight for wildlife lovers with a host of animals like the famous bengal tigers, leopards, several species of deer, antelopes and monkeys. Birds like peafowl, great Indian horned owl and eagles are also seen here. The Park is surrounded by Aravali mountains and has a high frequency of visitors as it is near to Delhi and Jaipur.

The Sariska National Park was once a wildlife reserve and later it was declared a Tiger Reserve and occupies an area of 866 kilometers. A thrilling forest experience is what you can expect apart from good lodges for a night stay. A jungle safari in an open jeep, along with well experienced guides in the cheerful atmosphere is really an out of the world experience. Spotting animals however is a matter of luck. On the way to Jaipur a visit to Sariska National Park can be good.