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Shirdi, the town graced eternally by the great saint Sai Baba, is one of the most important religious places in India. Sai Baba, the great Yogi who brought closer Hinduism and Islam, imparted through his teachings the values such as morals, love, peace and forgiveness. Sai Baba is also remembered for the great miracles he performed, such as curing the terminally sick and bringing about impossible events that would teach one a moral lesson. A great figure, he is known for passing a simple but great message, ‘Sab ka malik ek,’ meaning there’s only one creator who looks after every living being - in other words, do not divide yourself in the name of religion. Devotes of Sai Baba, from the poor-most to the multibillionaires, from varied religions, are spread all across the globe and worship him most piously.

The beautiful temple of Sai Baba in Shirdi, is visited by thousands of pilgrims every day. It is built upon the Samadhi of Sai Baba, where he concluded his carnal journey amongst the mortals. The village where Sai Baba appeared one day as a stranger and spent the rest of his days on his way to become a great saint, has still been preserved as a monument around the temple. The words of Sai Baba, ‘Why fear, when I am here,’ still bring the troubled souls from all around the country and world seeking refuge and salvation at this serene place. The others come to pay homage and to express their gratefulness on having shown them a way out of their problems.

The temple follows a fixed schedules of prayers. Disciples coming in great numbers are looked after most warmly by the local trust that looks after the temple. The peaceful atmosphere at the well developed surroundings of the temple delivers a deeply satisfying experience that brings the devotees back again and again.

Situated 145 kilometers from Aurangabad, one can find convenient options such as shared taxies, hired taxies, private and government buses to go to Shirdi. The journey takes roughly 3 hours. It is recommended that you leave during morning hours, though one can also make a satisfactory trip leaving at noon. Being one of the busiest pilgrim places in the country, Shirdi offers a wide range of hotels, from five star to economy, for the night’s stay.

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Shirdi, my religious respite - by Minal Khawse Dated : 2012-01-05
Shirdi is a remarkable religious place. I urged my son to take me to Shirdi so that I could take blessings of Sai Baba. I am a devout worshipper of Sai Baba and I was very delighted when I got the opportunity of going to Shirdi. We travelled from Aurangabad and reached Shirdi in almost 4 hours. It was not a tiring journey. We had booked a budget hotel in Shirdi because we did not wish to stay there for more than two days. Somehow everything was dependent on us being able to get the darshan. The temple is thronged by devotees from all over India so it is difficult to get darshan easily. You may have to spend your day entirely standing in the queue. We got the darshan on the second day of our stay and we still felt lucky. Donations to the temple trust can be made. The Shirdi temple really soothed my soul.
Shirdi trip - by Rupesh Ketkar Dated : 2011-12-22
I visited Shirdi with my family to seek blessing of Saint Sai Baba as I had got a great job. My mother wanted me to thank Sai Baba as it was because of his blessings that I had landed in such a great IT company after a year of struggle.
I was keen on going to Shirdi since the moment I got my appointment letter so we left for Shirdi from our hometown Aurangabad early in the morning in our car. It is a 4 hour journey if you defeat the traffic hours. As usual, the temple was crowded with devotees from all over the country. It took us 2 hours to take proper Darshan of Sai. But we were very satisfied and felt very happy as we came out of the temple.
I donated some money to the trust that maintains the temple and does some good work. I was very happy. I thanked Sai for blessing me with such a nice and loving family and a good job.
Shirdi - by Pooja Khanna Dated : 2011-01-05
It is one of the important religious places in India. It is a place where Saint Sai Baba spent his life. He through his teachings bridged the gap between Hindus and Muslims. He also imparted values such as peace, equality, humanity. He used to treat sick people with medicinal herbs. He believed in and preached that ‘Sab ka Malik Ek’ which meant that God is one, who looks after every being no matter there, is various forms.
It is one of the most visited temples in India, where people come from distances. Especially people from South India are among the top most worshippers. Foreign tourists also visit the place in large numbers. This temple provides various facilities for devotees. A building, that can accommodate 3500 devotees, 560 self contained rooms and 2 spacious rooms. The schedule of ‘Arti’, ‘Snan’, ‘Prasad’ are fixed. Many things that Sai Baba used at that time are preserved and kept as a museum and if you wish you can see them. To go to the main shrine you need to cross several lines in several halls. These several lines and halls have been constructed to manage the number of people visiting the temple.
Outside the temple is fencing around the tree under which he used to sit. That tree is also worshipped.
Sai Baba is not alive physically but His teachings are strong inscriptions on the mind of the people. ‘Why fear when I am here’, words of Sai Baba bring solace to troubled souls. It is built upon the Samadhi of Sai Baba. Once you get out of the temple after ‘darshan’, there is a window where you get ‘Prasad’ in the form of ‘Laddu’ and also proper food known as ‘Maha Prasad’ and ‘Vibhuti’.
The peaceful atmosphere around the temple is a satisfying experience.