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Cast in the true glory of Kashmir, Sonamarg is one of its jewels. The breathtaking views of Sonamarg are formed by the lush green blankets of grass spread at the feet of high, snow-clad mountains, horses grazing upon them by the rivulets streaming in from the heights. An important station on Srinagar-Leh journey, Sonamarg is close to Baltal, the base from where begins the Amarnath Yatra. This small town has a mini market and a few, permanently built hotels. This famous tourist destination near Srinagar, 87 kilometers away, is situated on an altitude of 3000 meters.


As you leave Srinagar, you pass through several beautiful regions on your way to Sonamarg. But it is Sonamarg that makes you gawp at its views in amazement. This small settlement is surrounded by spectacular mountains of Sindh Valley. These massive structures are clad by snow throughout the year, around their tops in summer and to their feet in winters. This region in the vicinity of Zozilla Pass, first of the high passes en route Ladakh, shows signs of changing geographical features. Though you mostly see lush green patches here, you can also see barren mountains and the zoes grazing upon them, which define the typical Ladakh.


Sonamarg is a famous destination for trekking. Adventure lovers embark on journeys afoot to various places in Kashmir as well as some remote lakes in Himachal. The Gadsar Lake in the nearby region is also a place of interest for trekkers, where snow-trout can be found. For the more common lot of tourists, Thajiwas Glacier is a major attraction. This place of scenic beauty can be reached on ponies, which can be hired from the town.


The small civic of Sonamarg is today mostly crowded by the military officials, who have large camps nearby. The soldiers of Indian army are more commonly seen around than the locals. Upon striking a conversation, they can provide nice insights about the region during all seasons and its geographical features. The small market near the bus stop has restaurants, grocery shops and stalls of the vendors selling woolen as well as other clothing articles.


The small town of Sonamarg often fails to provide sufficient lodging for the tourists, especially during the peak summer season and when Amarnath Yatra is on. But this deficiency is fulfilled to a great extent by the private camping sites. Here you can find luxurious tents having bulbs, laptop and cell phone charging points and attached bathrooms with hot water taps. A stay in one of these can serve the purpose of adventure as well as accommodation. During a stay such as this, when you wake up in the morning, you can step outside your tent to find yourself right in the middle of the picturesque Sonamarg witnessing a glorious sunrise.


Even though Sonamarg is mostly visited by the travelers on Amarnath Yatra or Srinagar-Leh trip, it is highly recommended for those who would return to Srinagar after spending a night and a day.

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Sonamarg - by Venugopal Dated : 2012-01-18
Sonmarg is a nice place but I wont that one must stay here for too long. You can just drop by if convinient. Or else you can just let it go. The lodging is not too good during the Amarnath yatra season, but you can stay in local camps, they are good and clean. However, this place has natural beauty. The famous tourist point is the Thajiwas glacier, the views are really good. I rate this place 6/10. It is not too good and not too bad. If you have some extra time, you can visit this place.
The Ultimate Hill Station, Sonamarg - by Ketan Biswas Dated : 2011-08-22
One of the most famous hill stations in the northern most state of Jammu and Kashmir is Sonmarg. It is located near Srinagar on the Srinagar-Leh Highway. It is made up of two words, ‘Son’ which means Gold and ‘Marg’ which means field or meadow.

If you are a travel enthusiast who loves to camp at places with lush green mountains all around, clean rivers flowing with swift turbulence, pure and fresh air to inhale and a glistening star studded sky to gaze up on, Sonmarg is what you are looking for.
The Indus is the river that flows through Sonmarg, it flows from Leh and flows into Pakistan. The water of this river is very pure and pristine, deep blue in color. The snow capped mountains increase the beauty of Sonmarg. This place is extremely photogenic. Other tourist attractions in Sonmarg are the lakes of Vishansar and Krishansar.

Sonmarg is indeed a paradise in itself. You can easily get there by buses. Lodging and food are not a problem at all, with prior bookings you can have a comfortable stay at Sonmarg. The visit to Sonmarg can be a good start to enter into Leh and explore it since it is also a great tourist destination.

Amazing Sonmarg - by  Rishikesh  Dated : 2011-08-22
The state of Jammu and Kashmir is called as the paradise on earth, but Sonmarg, a place in this very beautiful state is a paradise in its own way. It is a major hill station and a gateway to entire Ladakh. It is also a popular base for adventure sports. It can be reached by buses and taxis. It is situated at an altitude of 2740 meters above the sea level and lies 80 kilometers northeast of Srinagar.

Nilagrad is a worth visiting place in Sonmarg. The lakes of Vishansar, Krishansar and Gangabal also attract a lot of tourist attractions. They can be reached by tourists by trekking through Sonmarg. The Nichnai Pass is the vintage point to view these breath takingly beautiful lakes.

In case you want reach Sonmarg, the nearest railway station is that of Jammu. The closest airport to Sonmarg is in the Badgam district. Tourist bungalows, hotels and lodges are ample in Sonmarg and you can have a comfortable stay in any of these.

I must say I was really relieved of all my tensions and worries after my trip to Sonmarg. It was an excellent destination, one of the best places I have visited in my life.

Beautiful Sonmarg - by  Janaki Seth Dated : 2011-08-22
The state exuding unbelievable natural beauty and unparalleled charm is the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It welcomes all nature lovers and adventure freaks with open arms. The high altitude treks, the alpines, excellent weather and pristine waters make you feel out of the world. One of the many worth visiting tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir is Sonmarg.

The name Sonmarg literally means a ‘meadow of gold’. It is located just 80 km from Srinagar, the capital of the most beautiful state of the Indian Republic, Jammu and Kashmir. The town of Sonmarg has exceptional and pristine natural beauty and the best times to visit it are from May to September and November to February. In these precise months you can witness the finest of snow covered peaks. Clicking photos of the snow covered peaks and the serene Sindh River can give you unparalleled joy.
The beautiful alpine flowers, the silver birch and fir add up to the charm of this place. This city is a base camp for the holy voyage to the Amarnath Temple. A wonderful destination called Nilagrad also lies in Sonmarg. This is the place where all the mountain rivers meet the majestic Indus River, and color of the water turns red. It is believed that a dip in this holy river can cure most of the diseases and disorders. Other popular spots in Sonmarg are Krishnaasar Lake and the Vishansaar Lake.

Beautiful Sonmarg - by Purva Kapoor  Dated : 2011-04-06
I had been to Sonmarg with 3 of my college friends. We wanted to go to Kashmir since a long time, so when our summer vacations began, we headed toward Kashmir. We had heard that Sonmarg is a beautiful place, so we had included it in the places that we were going to visit in Kashmir.

When we were coming back from Sonmarg in our car, there were ice walls on both sides of the road. The sight was unbelievable. The closest railway station to Sonmarg is in Jammu. The closest airport to Sonmarg is in Badgam district.

Sonmarg is situated at a height of 2740 metres above sea level and it lies in the Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir. Sonmarg is well connected by buses and taxis.

Some of the places close to Sonmarg which are must visit destinations are the Zojila pass, Yushmarg and Krishnasar. The Zojila pass lies at a distance of 20 kilometres from Sonmarg and is at an altitude of 3540 metres and heads towards the Ladakh plateau.

Yushmarg is an adjacent picnic spot and is renowned for its green pastures. The Krishnasar Lake lies at a height of 3801 metres above sea level and is known for fishing of Trout.

The snow clad mountains of Sonmarg reflect the golden rays of the Sun. Therefore the hill station is called Sonmarg. This place is worth a visit.
Sonmarg- Meadow of Gold - by Vishal Mathur  Dated : 2011-04-06
I had been to Sonmarg with my family. We had heard that the best places in Kashmir are Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg, but when we reached Sonmarg, we were in for a surprise.

It is believed that there is a well in Sonmarg, whose water can turn anything into gold. As we were moving towards Sonmarg in our car, we realized that the road to Sonmarg is picturesque. The drive to Sonmarg through Sindh valley is enchanting. Sonmarg itself is a place of beauty.

Sonmarg is captivating because it is surrounded by dense forests and is full of flowers. What makes Sonmarg even more gorgeous is the Sindh River which meanders through it.

The Thajiwas range is a very popular range in Sonmarg because it provides a number of sites for camping. The Thajiwas range also includes waterfalls and the wonderful Thajiwas glacier.
When we went to Sonmarg, there was snow even on the sides of the road. We got down from our car and started playing in the snow and it was a lot of fun.

When we reached Sonmarg, we were hungry and there was a very small joint there where we had tea. The next day, we hired a sledge and went sledging on the snow. This again was a lot of fun. When we went sledging, we were shouting at the top of our voices.
Sonmarg, a Holiday Paradise - by Riya Matoo  Dated : 2011-04-06
I am a housewife and I always wanted to visit the beautiful places in Kashmir. When my husband took a leave from work, we decided to go to Sonmarg in Kashmir. It was truly a wonderful experience.

Sonmarg means ‘meadow of gold’. Sonmarg is located just 80 kilometres away from Srinagar. Sonmarg sports a spotless beauty which is difficult to find elsewhere. The best time to visit Sonmarg is from May to September and November to February. During these months, you will be able to click lovely photographs of the snow covered peaks and the Sindh River.

Sonmarg is the land where you find silver birch, alpine flowers and fir. Sonmarg is really a heaven on earth. Sonmarg acts as the base camp for the Amarnath yatra and it has a wonderful spot known as Nilagrad. This is the place where the Mountain Rivers join the Indus River and turn to red colour.

By bathing in the waters of the Indus River, people get rid of most diseases. Indus is a holy river. Krishnasar and Vishansar lakes are popular tourist destinations in Sonmarg.
There are various activities that you can enjoy in Sonmarg. Some of these are rafting, trekking and sledging. Some places in Sonmarg provide an evening camp fire which is a really nice.

The Thajwas glacier is a famous glacier in Sonmarg. Sonmarg with its virgin landscape is as treat to the eyes.