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How to travel in india
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Getting Started

Traveling in India is an art. A land of diversities, India can be one of the most satisfying places for the travelers if they are open-minded and in mood for a little adventure. India is a huge treasure of dissimilar destinations. There are places offering romantic retreats as well as thrilling adventures. There are wildlife sanctuaries and glorious destinations of scenic beauty. There are metros bustling with nightlife as well as famous historic monuments to visit during day. India serves almost every item on the travelers menu. But that is not all. There is much more to India than you may find if you only fumble about at the surface. To enjoy India in a true way, you need to be prepared to go offbeat.


If you follow a modern, metropolitan lifestyle, you will have to shed several restraints. As they say, to feel the soothing touch of a river, you have to step out of your shoes and into the water, ignoring the mud in the way. If you come to India, there are many things on the list that you haven’t done before but must do while you are here. For example, sipping a cup of chai (Indian tea) at a roadside stall, or traveling in a local bus running between villages. Such a ride might not offer you more luxury than a horse-cart does, but it will offer you a chance to meet warmhearted people, not well-to-do but happy, nonetheless, who will make a permanent impression on your heart.


This section formulates a smart 10-step strategy for you on How to Travel in India. Please navigate step by step.


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Step 0 - Getting Started
Step 1 - Pick a Destination, Know the Seasons
Step 2 - Prepare, Immunize
Step 3 - Get a Local Touch
Step 4 - Socialize
Step 5 - What to Do
Step 6 - Read a Bit of History
Step 7 - Learn to Handle People
Step 8 - Food
Step 9 - Shopping
Step 10 - Learn and Respect Local Customs, Etiquettes

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