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How to travel in india
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Pick a Destination, Know the Seasons

India is a massive country. Different territories have different climates. Some are hot and some cold. Being gifted with Monsoon, seasons in India change every four months, jumping from hot to rainy and rainy to cold. What you need to do is pick the right region in the right season. For instance, if you go to Rajasthan in summers, you will be roasted like a prawn. But go there in winters and you will have a trip of your life.


How to travel in India is about picking the right destination at the right time of the year. The general rule of thumb is, go up North during summers (March to June), and go West or South during winters (November to February). However, if you want to ski in Himalayas, go to Kashmir (North) during winters, and if you need a break from the freezing cold in your country, go to South slightly before March or after June to enjoy warm and humid climate. The South will greet you with lots of rain if you go during the monsoon (July to September).


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Step 0 - Getting Started
Step 1 - Pick a Destination, Know the Seasons
Step 2 - Prepare, Immunize
Step 3 - Get a Local Touch
Step 4 - Socialize
Step 5 - What to Do
Step 6 - Read a Bit of History
Step 7 - Learn to Handle People
Step 8 - Food
Step 9 - Shopping
Step 10 - Learn and Respect Local Customs, Etiquettes

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