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How to travel in india
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Prepare, Immunize

Once you know the destination and the season during which you will be traveling to India, prepare yourself – mostly to embrace the heat. If you have spent many years in a cold region, you will have to remind yourself to drink water time-to-time while you are in India, or before you know, the sun will strike you. Indian cold is generally enjoyable and should not be a problem for the travelers from most parts of the globe, unless you are venturing into Himalayas during winters.


You need to get the right medicinal shots, mainly to immunize yourself from the waterborne diseases. During your trip to India, you will openly witness unhygienic management of water. This is the reason why you must drink bottled, mineral water all the time and no matter how much your adventure spirits goad you avoid water of the road stalls and small road-side restaurants. However, on a rare occasion, you might consume the water the locals drink through food or beverages. No matter how delectable the beverage is, getting cholera or even an upset stomach for a couple days, which is the maximum possibility most of the times, is not on your list. So consult your doctor and get immunized. How to travel in India is about how to stay fit. Proper immunization will give you the confidence of venturing out in the world of Indian food without too much of worry.


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Step 0 - Getting Started
Step 1 - Pick a Destination, Know the Seasons
Step 2 - Prepare, Immunize
Step 3 - Get a Local Touch
Step 4 - Socialize
Step 5 - What to Do
Step 6 - Read a Bit of History
Step 7 - Learn to Handle People
Step 8 - Food
Step 9 - Shopping
Step 10 - Learn and Respect Local Customs, Etiquettes

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