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How to travel in india
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Once you arrive in India, you will witness a world you aren’t used to. It will take a while for you to get used to incessant sounds, people everywhere, bright and gaudy colors, crammed up local transport and spicy cuisine. Stepping into all this could be disturbing at first, but later, it is precisely what will make you fall in love with this remarkable country. Bear in mind, you have come to see a diversified civilization that differs drastically from the western countries. And that is exactly what you will get. How to travel in India is about getting used to the hubbub. Once you have done that, you are in for an act that will truly and literally define exploration. So, before you set out on travels in different regions of India, stay put at one location for three-four days, enjoy local site seeing, and then start moving deeper.


Amongst the frequent nuisances that you may face in India, is that of the hawkers huddling outside every popular tourist place. Though they might at times offer interesting articles, they are sure to tail you unless you buy something or make it abundantly clear that you are uninterested. Some patience, in such situations, will come in handy.


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