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How to travel in india
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What to Do

Choose itineraries that will give you a taste of real India. If you roam in the metros, or visit only the places of scenic beauty, you will get some but miss most of what India has to offer. Travel by road as much as you can. While railway journeys give you a chance to meet people and see them up close, a road journey will help you see the real India while you pass through villages and small settlements. If you get an opportunity to get invited for a meal at a typical Indian house, grab it with both hands. It is not just the food that you will taste, but also the way of life in India. How to travel in India is about knowing the Indians from up close. It’s a good idea to keep a good map of the state and of the town that you are in at all times. Good tourist maps will ensure that you don’t leave behind a place that you may have liked. Also, keeping a local guide with you who speaks your language will make things much easy.


If you are traveling in a taxi hired to visit several destinations, make sure that the driver is capable of minimal required communication in your language or English and has a good idea about tourist places from the destinations you are going to visit.


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