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How to travel in india
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Indian food is spicy, but, if you develop a taste for it, it is one of the most delicious foods on the planet. There is usually a big difference between what the locals eat at their home and what is served at the restaurants. The best way to start with Indian food is by eating at the places popular amongst foreign tourists. Such places are mostly found in big cities. Here, the food will be less spicy and cooked with the non-Indian customer in perspective. Once you have learned to digest it, you can venture out and get a taste of the local cuisine. But you must make sure that proper hygiene is being followed at the places you eat.


At some places, however, it is okay to throw caution out of the window and grab a glass of lassi or a plate of jalebis from a small stall or a sweets shop in a crowded market. Some delicacies in India are worth any trouble if you are a true food lover. And, most of the times, the chances are that you will digest all that you eat with pleasure. After all, Indians enjoy their food all the time with no complains.


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