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Tirupati is a well-known pilgrimage city, situated in the Chitoor District. This beautiful city is located at the foothills of the Eastern Ghats. Ten kilometres from the city, is the famous Venkateshwar Swami Temple, which is devoted to Venkateshwar.

This gorgeous and pious temple is situated in the hill town of Tirumala. Venkateshwar is also called Balaji and Vishnu. Balaji is the most visited and richest temples in the world. There are 50,000 to 1,00,000 devotees who visit the temple daily.

On special occasions, such as the Brahmotsavam, there are around 5,00,000 devotees who visit Balaji. Tirumala town has 7 hills, which are supposed to be the 7 hoods of the serpent under which Lord Vishu resides.


Balaji is one of the 108 Divya Desams. Tirumala is the first divine pilgrim place of Hindus.


Population: 1,236,569
Nearest Major City(s): Avadi is 95 km away, Ambattur is 97 km away, Tiruvottiyur is 110 km away and Chennai is 113 km away from Tirupati
How to reach:

Tirupati By Air

The nearest major airport to Tirupati is Tirupati Airport. This airport is about 14 km from Tirupati

Tirupati By Train

Railway station is well connected to other cities

Tirupati By Bus

Well connected by road. Bus service is good.

Major Tourist Attraction: Sri Venkateswara Temple, Sri Govindarajaswami Temple, Sri Kodandaramaswami Temple, Sri Kapileshwaraswami Temple and Tiruchanur
Speciality(Famous for): Sri Venkateswara Temple
Food Speciality: Ladoos, sevai
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