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To Ladakh on Bike [Part 1]
by Tejas Mayure
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One idle day in Mumbai, some of us friends decided to go to Ladakh on bikes, out of the blue, just like that. It wasn’t the first time an absurd idea such as this had hit us and gone without any realization. We let a day or two pass before we talked about it again, but surprisingly the urge for this adventure that was still the same. We realized that it was not just a random bubble that had popped up inside our minds, but something we really wanted to do to get away from our boring lives for a while. Of us six or seven present there that day, Nilesh, Mathur, Rishi and I were the four guys really psyched about making this journey.


The very first problem that stood before us was that Rishi did not have a bike, and it was not a good idea to go double seat. So, at first, we had to arrange a good bike for Rishi, which took two days. Once we had succeeded in arranging to borrow a bike for him a few days before the journey, we decided a date to travel – 6th of June, 2010. There was still one month to go, during which we all strived for leaves from our jobs, and surprisingly managed so, without having to push ahead the date we had decided.


Over the next month we improved our physical fitness, working out on our lower back and necks, as these body parts would have to be the fittest of all to endure such a long journey on bikes. We also gathered articles such as jackets, gloves, head gear and glasses and also the necessary accessories such as saddlebags for the bikes. It was decided that each one of us would pack their belongings on the back seat of their bike, for which we got some extra grips welded to our bikes where we could easily tie our bags. While doing all of this, we studied the roads that led to Ladakh. It was our inclination to start on our bikes right from home, but when we discovered that it would take us a week alone to reach Delhi that way, we decided to transport our bikes to Delhi in a train and arranged for the tickets.


All going well, we left Mumbai in train on 5th of June and reached Delhi on 6th. After an 18 hour journey, we disembarked at Hazrat Nizammuddin Railway Station of Delhi at nearly 11.30.


Hereon began the true adventure that we would remember for the rest of our life.


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