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To Ladakh on Bike [Part 10]
by Tejas Mayure
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Soon after Pang began the plains we had heard so much about. After having passed through the sharp and narrow mountain ways for two days, it seemed hard to believe that there would be easier and wider paths any further. But we did, finally, arrive at the roads that stretched over the wide plains like a thin line drawn over a sheet of drawing paper, bisecting it perfectly. To our both sides were open patches the length of several footballs grounds, beyond which stood high, barren hills with snow caps. The sun beating down upon us was harsh, although the atmosphere was cool. I knew right away that the layers of sunscreen lotion I had put on my face in the morning were going to be hardly of any use.


Many vehicles rushed to and fro, mostly the big SUVs. Occasionally we would pass another group of bikers and wave at them, to be returned the sentiment heartily. Once, we even stopped and chatted with a group from Punjab. They had taken the Srinagar-Leh route while arriving to Leh and after spending almost a week in Leh were returning from the route we had come by. They described the Srinagar-Leh road to be very beautiful, albeit offering a different kind of beauty than the one we had taken. It was full of greenery towards the half of Srinagar and mountains and snow with unusual look and feel towards Leh. After chatting with them for about ten minutes we shared the goodbyes.


We had heard about a beautiful lake called Tso Moriri in the vicinity. But upon asking a driver from Leh, we found that it was quite off the road and that if we went there, we would have to spend a night, for which we were not prepared. Also, we probably did not have enough petrol to make the trip and still reach Leh without hassle. So, we dropped the idea and moved on.


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